Liquidlogic Braaap

White Water Kayak

The Liquidlogic Braaap is the progression in how a performance river running boat is defined.

Liquidlogic Braaap at Cornwall Canoes

Liquidlogic Braaap in Road Cone Orange

Bow of the Liquidlogic Braaap
Stern of the Liquidlogic Braaap
Hull of the Liquidlogic Braaap
Kayaking the Liquidlogic Braaap
LFying off a waterfall in the Liquidlogic Braaap
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Liquidlogic Braaap

The most recent boat out of Liquid Logics stable, the Braaap is definitely a boat to sit up and take notice of.

Loosely designed on a modern Olympic slalom kayak hull shape, the Braap has primarily been designed to be fast and win races.

However, unlike most other whitewater boats the Braaap can ‘pivot turn’ like a slalom kayak which leads to the fastest turns possible.

A boat that has been designed for more experienced paddlers, the Braaap is a forward thinking boat, currently with nothing else on the market coming close to its design.

Please note- relaxed paddlers or beginners will find the Braaaps hull constantly turning off line and not the easiest boat to control compared to boats with less rocker.

However the Braap is an easy boat to roll, and a perfect boat for learning edge control on moving water.

Paddlers with more experience will find the performance offered by the Braaaps hull outstanding and will result in a different style of white water paddling.

With plenty of play performance, the Braaap in the right hands will also run the hardest rapids with style.


  • Full Plate Footrest
  • 2x Security bars
  • Ratchet Adjustable Backrest System
  • Seat Hip Pads
  • Adjustable Thigh braces


  Braaap 69
Length 8' 11" / 271.8 CM
Width 24.5" / 62.2 CM
Cockpit Length 34.5" / 87.6 CM
Cockpit Width 21" / 53.3 CM
Weight 44 LBS / 20 KG
Rocker Bow 12" / 30.5 CM
Rocker Stern 10" / 25.4 CM
Volume 69 GAL / 261 L
Manufacturers Weight Range
45-100kg Optimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Liquidlogic Braaap for your weight

Give us a call on 01726 862798 if you have any questions about the Liquidlogic Braaap