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Kayak Fishing Rod Holders

Scotty, Ram Mounts, Yak Attack, and Flush mount rod holders


Flush Mount Rod Holders

Feelfree Flush Mount Rod Holders

Flush mount Rod Holders designed for the Feelfre kayaks. These come as a pair with fittings and incorporated rod leash.

Price £19.95 (Pair)

Perception Rod Holders - Universal Fit

Individual Flush mount rod holders designed to to fit the majority of kayak on the market. All the need is a flat surface are to fit them too.
Complete with fittings, gasket and over sealing push down cap.

Price £16.00

Fishing Rod Holder Systems

Scotty Rod Holders For Sale 280

Scotty Bait Caster with mount (280)

Holds a bait caster reel in a cushioned cradle. A slot in the front of the rod holder allows for a spinning reel to be securely held in position. The rod holder design has a side mounted flange, which leaves the bottom open. This will accommodate trigger grips.
Price £24.99

Scotty Rod Holders for kayaks 350

Scotty Rod Master II with mount (350)

Rodmaster II Fibre reinforced engineering nylon offers strength, resilience and reliability. Removable gimbal pin & slot for spinning reels. 10" tube.
Price £24.99

Scotty Triple Rod Holder & Mount (256)

Triple Rod Holder Scotty's fully-adjustable multiple rod holders comes with a built-in lure and accessory rack, which gives you quick access to your lures and tools.
256 - Includes three No. 230 Powerlock Rod Holders and No. 241 Side / Deck Mount
Price £99.99

Scotty Rod Holder Height Extender (259)

Extends the height of the rod holder by 6 1/2", allowing for faster access when that fish strikes. Made from super thought re-enforced nylon. Works with Scotty post mount rod holders (except for No. 240 Striker).

Price £12.99

Scotty Rectangular Flush Deck Mount (244)

Comes with splash cover
Dimensions: 4"x 2"x 2" - Bolting Dimensions: 1 5/16" x 3 3/16"
Price £9.99

Scotty Round Flush Deck Mount (344)

Sealed base for watertight applications. Includes a splash cover.
Dimensions :3 3/4" diameter - Bolting Dimensions: 2 3/16" x 2 3/16"
Price £9.99

Scotty Combination Side or Deck Mount (241)

241 Combination Side or Deck Mount Allows mounting on a flat deck surface or on the side of a gunnels or transom.
Dimensions: 4"x 2"x 2" - Bolting Dimensions: 1 5/16" x 3 3/16"
Price £9.99

Ram Rod Holders and Bases.

RAP 119 - Ram Mounts for Kayak Fishing

RAM Fishing Rod Holder - RAP119 2008

Very popular and functional rod holder. Easily adjusts to the angle you need. Provides a strong and secure rod mount. Comes complete with 1 x RAM202 Round Base.
Price £29.95

RAM Mount - RAM 202

RAM Round Base - RAM202

1.5" Metal Ball with rubber coating. Fit additional ball mounts for multiple rod position options. Can be fitted to kayaks with a flat area for mounting.
Price £14.99

RAM Post Scotty Conversion

This Ram mount enables you to attach your Ram fittings rod holders to your existing Scotty mounts. The tube inserts into the Scotty mounts and once fixed from underneath, is secure enough to fit your Ram devices too. This has the Ram B (1.5inch) ball attached.

Price £17.09

Scooty Wilderness Rod Holder

Scotty Rodmaster two kit for Wilderness Systems Kayak

Complete kit for attaching a Scotty or Cannon mount to your Wilderness Kayak, without having to drill any holes in your kayak!
Package Contains

  • 1x Scotty Rod Master Two
  • 1x Wilderness Trax Plate
  • Fittings

Price £55.00

Feelfree Uni Track System mounting Plate

The Feelfree Uni-Trak Accessory Mount offers versatility and ease of attaching any Scotty or Ram Mount accessory without drilling into your boat. This unique track system by Feel Free is designed in conjunction with the Moken 10 lite, 12.5 and 14. Simply attach any Scotty or Ram Mount to the Uni-Trak plate and you are able to insert the Trak Runner into the Track rail on the boat. The mount can be slid forward and backward and locked into the perfect position with the dual cams. The Uni-Trak Accessory Mount lets you easily remove your mounts for transport or to transfer to another boat.

  • Fits into the Uni-Trak Rail on the Moken 12.5 and Moken 14 Angler kayaks
  • Add accessories without drilling into your boat
  • Slide rail system allows you to get and lock into that perfect position
  • Fits Scotty and Ram accessories

Price £29.95

Hobie Rod Holder Extension

Keep your fishing rods secure and reels higher
out of the water. These fit right into the molded-in rod holders and offer a larger diameter sleeve that is deeper. Leash the holder extension to the boat and the rod to the holder using the molded eyes.

Price £19.95

Marine - Tri-Fold Rivet - Kayak Fittings

Tri-Fold Rivets are one of the most common ways of attaching rod holders, mounts, pad eyes and other accessories to canoes, kayaks and sit on tops.


Tri-Fold Rivet (Sold Individually) Price £0.50

Stainless Steel Fishfinder Mount Fittings

Ideal kit for attaching your fishfinder to the Above RAM mounts.
Contains 4 Bolts, 8x Washers, and 4 Nuts.


Stainless Steel Fitting Kit Price £2.49

Well Nut Fixings

Well Nut with marine grade Stainless Steel M5 Bolts - Pack of 4

Perfect for mounting rod holders, fishfinder's, etc to your kayak when you have no access to use a nut and bolt. Pack of 4.

Price £3.99

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