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Crewsaver Spiral

100N Buoyancy Rating

The Crewsaver Spiral is a great option for those wanting lots of buoyancy from their personal floatation device. The Baby and Child sizes are rated to Lifejacket standards and are a great option for young children.

Crewsaver Spiral

Crewsaver Spiral Lifejacket For Children

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Crewsaver Spiral Lifejacket

This style of personal floatation device has no inflation chambers and is perfect for encouraging people to get on or in the water and gain confidence. These products are great for sheltered and coastal waters and can be seen on the river bank, canal side, beach or marina.

All sizes offer 100N of buoyancy - with the baby and child sizes being fully rated as an ISO 12402-4 approved lifejacket. This means that these sizes will fully support the wearer in the water and work to rotate them into a face-up position to help protect the airway. This is the best option for non-swimmers. The larger sizes are rated as an ISO 12402-5 approved 50N buoyancy aid. However, these sizes still retain 100N of buoyancy and are a great solution for those seeking the extra reassurance offered by this level of buoyancy compared to standard buoyancy aid products that typically have 50N.


  • For use in sheltered coastal waters
  • Complete with crotch straps
  • Includes safety whistle
  • Modern stylish design

Sizing Guide

Size Chest Weight
Baby 40-57cm <15kg
Child 53-61cm <20kg
Large Child 57-70cm 20-30kg
Junior 69-79cm 30-40kg

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