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A spray deck, sometimes refered to as a spray skirt, are used widely with sit inside cockpit kayaks. The spray deck forms a seal between you, the kayak and the water. There are various designs ranging from easy-to-put-on nylon decks most popular with recreational paddlers to the most waterproof snug fitting neoprene designs for white water and surf kayaking. Combination designs featuring a neoprene deck section for a fully waterproof seal against the cockpit rim, and a nylon body section for flexibility and comfort are most popular for touring and sea kayaking. View the range by selecting the type of spray deck you are looking for below...


Reacreational Spraydecks


Lightweight nylon or neoprene-nylon combination decks for general recreational paddling styles.

Touring & Sea Kayak Spraydecks

Touring and Sea Kayaking Spraydecks


Neoprene deck sections for a snug cockpit seal and nylon waist sections for flexibility and comfort.

Whitewater & Surf Kayak Spraydecks

Whitewater & Surf Spraydecks


Full neoprene construction for the most waterproof fit to the kayak and body. Best option for white water kayaks.

Travel & Storage Cockpit Covers

Travel & Storage Cockpit Covers


Prevent rain, dirt, dust and insects from getting inside your kayak during transport and storage.

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