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Kayak Spray Decks

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A spray deck, sometimes refered to as a spray skirt, are used widely with sit inside cockpit kayaks. The spray deck forms a seal between you, the kayak and the water. There are various designs ranging from easy-to-put-on nylon decks most popular with recreational paddlers to the most waterproof snug fitting neoprene designs for white water and surf kayaking. Combination designs featuring a neoprene deck section for a fully waterproof seal against the cockpit rim, and a nylon body section for flexibility and comfort are most popular for touring and sea kayaking.


Reacreational Spraydecks

Lightweight nylon or neoprene-nylon combination decks for general recreational paddling styles.

Touring & Sea Kayak Spraydecks

Touring and Sea Kayaking Spraydecks

Neoprene deck sections for a snug cockpit seal and nylon waist sections for flexibility and comfort.

Whitewater & Surf Kayak Spraydecks

Whitewater & Surf Spraydecks

Full neoprene construction for the most waterproof fit to the kayak and body. Best option for white water kayaks.

Travel & Storage Cockpit Covers

Travel & Storage Cockpit Covers

Prevent rain, dirt, dust and insects from getting inside your kayak during transport and storage.