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Sea Kayaks

Recommended Rotomoulded & Composite Sea Kayaks

The kayaks below are the most popular models in the UK and having paddled these sea kayaks extensively Cornwall Canoes can thoroughly recommend them all. If the kayak you want is not listed please see the other kayaks available on our manufacturers page, or contact us and we will be able to supply from within the Canoe-Shops-UK group stock.

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Norse Composite Sea Kayaks

Norse Bylgja Greenland Inspired Composite Sea Kayak

Norse Bylgja

A greenland inspired Norse Sea Kayak Design with Hard Chines. The Bylgja is a superb sea kayak for paddlers looking to tackle the ever changing british weather conditions!

Norse Idun Greenland Inspired Composite Sea Kayak

Norse Idun

A greenland inspired Norse Sea Kayak Design with Hard Chines. The Idun is the low volume version of the Norse Bylgja and is a superb sea kayak for paddlers looking to tackle the ever changing british weather conditions!


Single-Layer Rotomoulded Sea Kayaks

These sea kayaks feature a standard one-piece / single-layer plastic construction, offering great durability and competitive prices. A great option for most wanting a good a quality kayak for regular use, or for those wanting a first sea kayak. Single layer kayaks also tend to be lighter in weight than triple-layer alternatives.

Riot Brittany 16.5 Sea Kayak

Riot Brittany 16.5

A well outfitted and equipped sea kayak at an excellent price! Perfect for paddling over longer distances at sea. Lots of storage for multi-day adventures on the water.

Dagger Stratos 14.5l

Dagger Stratos 14.5

A versatile and playful sea kayak for general day paddling. Lots of rocker makes this kayak nimble and playful for rock-hopping and surf. Features a drop-down skeg for increased straight line tracking when required.

Wavesport Hydra Touring Kayak

Wavesport Hydra

The new Hydra from Wavesport is a high-performance day touring kayak full of features. Excellent for flatwater touring but with enough hull rocker to play in the surf and be fun for paddling on coastal waters.

Perception Essence

Perception Essence

An affordable, single layer sea kayak suitable for all level's of ability for day touring and expedition paddling. A great option for those looking for their first sea kayak.


Triple-Layer Rotomoulded Sea Kayaks

Triple-layer polyethylene hulls offer increased hull rigidity and durability. A great option for those wanting a sea kayak that will provide great perfromance and will last the test of time after plenty of use and abuse!

Northshore Aspect RM Sea Kayak

Northshore Aspect RM

The Aspect fills the gap between a standard day touring kayak and a full expedition sea kayak and is a great choice for the aspiring Sea Kayaker and Coastal Tourer.

North Shore Atlantic RM

North Shore Atlantic RM

The North Shore Atlantic RM has outstanding performance, characteristics and comfort for a kayak in this price range.

Valley Etain RM Sea Kayak

Valley Etain RM

The best triple layer sea kayak for expedition paddling and coastal trips


Valley Sirona RM Sea Kayak

Valley Sirona RM

The Valley Sirona RM is aimed at paddlers who are progressing into sea kayaking, or those who want a do-it-all sea kayak for day trips, weekend expeditions and ocean play.

Valley Nordkapp RM Sea Kayak

Valley Nordkapp RM

Constructed in high quality polyethelene the RM retains the classic lines and legendary handling expected of a Nordkapp. This is an expedition ready kayak providing outstanding performance and great value.

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Valley Gemini SP RM Sea Kayak

Valley Gemini SP RM

The Valley Gemini SP (Sports Play) RM is a sea kayak built for fun! Combining increased rocker and more bow volume, this a great sea kayak for rock-hopping, surf and rough water play.


Tandem Sea Kayaks

Prijon Poseidon

Prijon Poseidon | With Rudder

Tandem touring kayak designed for paddling on coastal and open waters. A pronounced keel line ensures great tracking. A great way to share your adventure on the water.


Composite Sea Kayaks

Composite GRP and Carbon/Kevlar sea kayaks offer the paddler more performance. Aimed at more experienced paddlers, the smooth and stiff hulls glide through the water and cut through chop with incredible efficiency. This makes composite kayaks faster than their plastic counterparts.The compromise to this is that composite hulls are more easily damaged by rocks and hard beach landings than a plastic kayak (but can be repaired). The models made from Carbon/Kevlar are generally lighter than GRP and Plastic models too for even more performance and ease of carrying off the water.

North Shore Atlantic Evolution Composite Sea Kayak

North Shore Atlantic Evolution

The Atlantic Evolution offers outstanding performance for a wide range of conditions and paddlers. It's gently rockered, soft chined and shallow v-shaped hull gives confidence to novices and experts alike.

North Shore Voyager Evolution Composite Sea Kayak

North Shore Voyager Evolution

The North Shore Voyager Evolution offers outstanding performance for a wide range of conditions and is ideally suited for covering distance.If you like to go offshore and play on the ocean, or like covering long distances on gentle waters, this would be an excelent choice for you.