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White Water and Surf Kayaks

Kayaks For River Running, Creek Boating and Surf

White Water Kayaks are designed to be paddled on moving water, offering performance to negotiate obstacles, run lines, handle drops and whatever else you may come across on the river run! Some designs offer speed and precision handling for general down river running and river play - excellent for general grade 1-3 and occasional grade 4 paddling. Other designs offer high-volume hulls to cope with big water conditions and are more suited to those regularly paddling grade 3+ or looking to power off big drops and bomb down heavy water creeks. Whether you are a club paddler just starting out on moving water, or are a hardened whitewater adrenaline junkie, you can be sure to find a white water kayak to suit your needs from the range below!

Creek & River-Running Kayaks

Designed for general river running and creeking - these are higher volume kayaks that suit big water conditions - great for those regularly paddling grade 3 and higher but offer reassuring comfort and stability for novice paddlers on lower grade runs.

Dagger Nova Creek and Action white water kayaks

Dagger Nova

Dagger's latest river kayak incorporates a full slice tail for river running play. The Nova design combines full slice characteristics from the late 90s with Dagger's latest design innovations to create a truly unique and fun filled kayak.

Dagger Code Creek and Action white water kayaks

Dagger Code

A popular all-river kayak and a fantastic choice for progressing paddlers. The Code kayaks are the pillar of the Dagger range and provide predictable and stable characteristics with plenty of power and speed when you need it - available in three sizes and suitable for all levels in all waters.

Titan Dragon Creek Kayak UK

Titan Dragon

A great all-round creek kayak for both aspiring and more experienced paddlers alike. Just the right mix of speed and forgiveness to ensure you can take on a whole range of conditions on the river.

Riot Magnum 72 & 80 Creek Kayaks

Riot Magnum 72 & 80

Riot's creek boat designed by their top white water kayak team. Fully adjustable white water outfitting and tough HDPE hull. A great creeker at a great price. Available in two sizes to suit different sized paddlers.

Wavesport Diesel

Wavesport Diesel

The 4x4 of the white water kayak world, the popular Diesel will take it all on. Great for a river running and a bit of creeking, along with surf fun!


River, Play & Surf Kayaks

Designed for all round paddling on rivers, in the surf and great for coaching and club paddling.

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

Those looking for a playful river running kayak that can handle the bigger grades whilst having a play will lavish in the Riot Thunder. A River Runner designed with the capabilities of both a playboat and creeker.

Titan Nymph River Kayak UK

Titan Nymph

A nimble and fast river runner with a slicey stern for those wanting a playful ride. A fantastic choice for progressing paddlers wanting to carve their way into tackling the most challenging of river runs.

Dagger Rewind White Water Kayak UK

Dagger Rewind

Superb river runner with a fast and playful hull. Equipped with Ergo Creek for maxium connectivity and comfort, and a volume adjustable bulkhead for a customised set-up.

Dagger Axiom Action

Dagger Axiom

8.0 - 8.5 - 9.0

Dagger's Axiom, kayak ideal for river running, playboating and surfing. Suitable for newcomers through to experienced kayakers. Action spec outfitting.