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White Water and Surf Kayaks

Kayaks designed for river running, surf kayaking and playboating.

The kayaks below are the most popular models in the UK. If the ww kayak you want is not listed please see the other kayaks available on our manufacturers page, or contact us and we will be able to supply from within the Canoe-Shops-UK group stock.

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River Running | Creek

Designed for river running and creeking - these are higher volume kayaks.

Riot Magnum 72 & 80 Creek Kayaks

Riot Magnum 72 & 80

Riot's creek boat designed by their top white water kayak team. Fully adjustable white water outfitting and tough HDPE hull. A great creeker at a great price. Available in two sizes to suit different sized paddlers.

Wavesport Diesel

Wavesport Diesel

Very popular white water kayak. Diesels are well made comfortable and perform well. Available in 3 different sizes and 2 different outfitting specs - Blackout and the more 'luxury' CORE Whiteout.


Liquidlogic Remix kayaks for sale from Cornwall Canoes

Liquidlogic Remix 59, 69 & 79

The Liquidlogic Remix has been designed to be the one boat you need in your boat quiver that you can pull out at any time for any job: coaching, learning, running, big volume multi-day trips or just messing about on the river.


Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel  series from Cornwall Canoes

Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel 85 & 95

The Flying Squirrel has been designed to be a Remix with more rocker and lots of deck volume resulting in a creek boat that's as comfortable running big volume as it is in the steeps.
Dagger Mamba

Dagger Mamba 7.6, 8.1 & 8.6

A popular River Running / Freeride kayak from Dagger. Predictable, stable and a power-house in big water. Available in Action spec or Ergo Creek spec.

Wavesport Phoenix

Wavesport Phoenix

A fast new hull from Wavesport, designed to take on the hardest rapids and drops the river can throw at you! CORE WhiteOut outfitting provides maximum connection and comfort with this speedster of the white-water world!

Dagger Phantom White Water Kayak

Dagger Phantom

The new Phantom features a planing hull with plenty of rocker which high on the water and fast out of heavy drops and through holes and boils. A high performance river-runner/creeker for intermediate to expert paddlers.


River / Surf

Designed for all round paddling on rivers, in the surf and great for coaching and club paddling.

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

Those looking for a playful river running kayak that can handle the bigger grades whilst having a play will lavish in the Riot Thunder. A River Runner designed with the capabilities of both a playboat and creeker.

Dagger Axiom

Dagger Axiom

Axiom 8.0 - 8.5 - 9.0

Dagger's Axiom, kayak for river running, playboating. Suitable for newcomers through to experienced kayakers.

Dagger GT Club Series

Dagger GT Club Series


Superb range of kayaks for improving paddlers, white water rivers and centre boats.

Wavesport D-Series - Club Spec

Wavesport D65 & D75 | Club

The classic D Series are excellent for general purpose kayaks, moderate white water and are also popular for clubs and centre use.


Playboating / Freestyle

Compact and super manoeverable, these kayaks are designed for pulling off super slick moves on the water! Put a playboat in some big water conditions and you have the speed and bounce to get some air and perform blunts, pan ams, airscrews, helix's and donkey flips! Sit a playboat in a hole and you can throw these boats end over end to perform loops, space godzillas, Mc Nasties and phoenix monkeys. Not familar with these terms then a playboat may not the kayak for you, however if you wish to learn more then get along to a local kayaking club whitewater meet and start building your freestyle skills!

Riot Astro Playboat

Riot Astro

A dynamic freestyle kayak with classic playboat design, available at a very competitive price. Two sizes to suit different sized paddlers.

Wavesport Mobius Playboats

Wavesport Mobius

High performance freestyle kayak - great for surfing and playboating

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