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Buoyancy Aids & PFDs

Wearing a buoyancy aid (sometimes called a personal floatation device) is always recommended when canoeing or kayaking, whatever the environment or weather. As well as helping to keep you afloat in case of submersion, they also provide additional warmth. Please note that lifejackets, which provide buoyancy for the head as well as torso, are not the same thing as buoyancy aids. Buoyancy Aids come in various specifications at different prices ranges for different paddling disciplines. Take a look at our range by clicking on the relevant links below....

Buoyancy Aids

Recreational Buoyancy Aids & PFDs

This range of buoyancy aids are ideal for recreational paddling on kayaks and canoes. They are simple, easy-to-use, comfortable and safe.

Touring & Sea Kayak Buoyancy Aids

Touring & Sea Kayaking Buoyancy Aids

This range of buoyancy aids feature multiple adjustable straps, pockets and closed cell buoyancy foam to provide a comfortable fit for long periods on the water.

Kayak Fishing Buoyancy Aids

Kayak Fishing Buoyancy Aids

This range of buoyancy aids feature multiple pockets for tackle storage along with gear attachment points, great for kayak fishing.

White Water & Surf Buoyancy Aids

White Water & Surf Kayaking Buoyancy Aids

This range of buoyancy aids are designed for the rough stuff! Snug fitting with top end models including a safety harness for rescue situations.

Buoyancy Aids

Childrens Kids Buoyancy Aids & PFDs

A range of floatation aids for children, for kayaking, canoeing and other watersports. Includes leg straps for added security.

Buoyancy Aids

Pet Cat & Dog Buoyancy Aids

A buoyancy aid for your pet dog or cat! Keep your companion safe when they join you on the water with one of these buoyancy aids. Various sizes available.

If you need any help in selecting the right buoyancy aid for you, then give us a call on 01726 862798 and a member of staff will be happy to advise.