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Cross Over Kayaks

General Purpose Kayaks

These are the do-it-all kayaks of the paddling world. Whilst they may not excel at any one discipline, they are a superb option for doing a bit of everything and are very versatile craft for progressing paddlers. This makes them a great option for new paddlers and club paddlers looking to learn skills and progress further into specific disciplines of paddling e.g. touring, white water, surf etc. If you are looking to paddle a bit of moving white-water (up to Grade 2/3), paddle coastal waters, general flatwater touring and maybe some surf, then take a look at a Cross Over Kayak as a great option for varied paddling applications!

Wavesport Ethos Crossover Kayak

Wavesport Ethos 9 & 10

A modern crossover kayak offering versatility for running low-grade white-water, play in the surf and for general touring with the advantage of the integrated drop-down skeg. Popular with club paddlers looking for a versatile craft to progress their paddling skills.

Dagger Katana

Dagger Katana 9.7 & 10.4

Crossover kayak that performs well on flat water and up to class 3 white water. A great all-rounder.