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Single Seat Sit On Top Kayaks

Sit On Top Kayaks (SOTs) are fantastic for first-time paddlers, with designs offering stability and reassurance as you take your first paddle strokes. They are very easy to paddle - just sit on and away you go! If you fall off, you just climb back on again - no expert eskimo rolls needed with these kayaks! This makes sit on tops the best choice of kayak for many paddlers. Whether it is general paddling fun, family days at the beach, exploring your local coastline or lake, or for more adventurous paddling or fishing adventures, we will stock a Sit On Kayak for you. Cornwall Canoes staff own and paddle sit on tops extensively and can give you the best advice on which kayak to buy. Just give us a call or drop us an email to discuss!

We can supply all sit on top kayaks from the world's leading brands: Feelfree Kayaks | Viking Kayaks | Wilderness Systems | RTM | Perception | Hobie | And more! View All Brands

Recreational Sit On Tops

These kayaks are ideal for gentle calm water touring, fun at the beach, estuary paddling and general purpose use. Compact in size, they are also easy to transport and store.

Feelfree Roamer 1

Very popular multi purpose Sit On Top for coastal paddling, surf and beach fun!

Feelfree Nomad Sport Kayak - Sit on Top

Fantastic all-rounder for gentle coastal paddling and beach fun. The Nomad Sport is a tried and tested design with a great set of features and is suitable for a wide range of paddlers.

Wavesport Scooter X Solo Sit on Top Kayak For Sale

The Wave Sport Scooter X is the latest version of one of the UK's best selling sit on top kayaks. It is fun to paddle and suitable for all abilities - whether out on the sea surfing the waves, exploring the coastline or going for a paddle on the local canal.

Enigma Kayaks Flow Single Seat Sit On Top Best Deals

Enigma Kayaks Flow

A lightweight sit on top for all-round kayaking fun! A great choice for playing at the beach and gentle calm water paddling for children and adults. Available as a package including a seat and paddle, or as kayak only.

Islander Calypso Sport Kayak in Cornwall

Islander Calypso Sport

Excellent all-round sit on top for gentle paddling and beach fun.

Islander Koa Beach Kayak in Cornwall

Islander Koa

Excellent compact and sporty all-round sit on top for gentle paddling and beach fun. Available in Beach and Sport specifications.

Feelfree Move

Feelfree Move

Recreational sit on top designed for the smaller paddler. Features a wheel in the keel for easy transportation and can be converted in to small angling kayak with the addition of optional rod holders.

Riot Escape 9 Sit On Top

Riot Escape 9

The Escape 9 is a compact, lightweight 1 person sit on top kayak suited towards children, juniors and smaller adults. A great first sit on top kayak for all round use.

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler Cheap Best Deal Fishing Kayak

Enigma Kayaks Cruise Angler

A compact kayak for fishing as well as general paddling. Fitted with multiple rod holders and storage hatches offering superb value for money. A great choice for calm water kayak fishing and best suited to paddlers up to 13 stone. Includes seat and paddle!

Feelfree Juntos

Feelfree Juntos

Single kayak with additional seating position for a child or pet. Feature packed with a wheel in the keel.

Titan Mix Sit On Top Playboat Kayak UK

Titan Mix

A sit on top based on the design of a white water playboat. A great choice for those who want to surf waves and play on moving water but without being sat inside a traditional white water kayak. Great for family fun at the beach or river for wave and rapid play.

Moken 10 ten light Lite

Feelfree Moken 10 Lite

The Moken 10 Lite’s compact design and light weight make it perfect for accessing rivers and smaller lakes.

Tarpon 100 E Feature Packed Sit On Top Kayak

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 E

A great sit on top for all round use and one of the most stable from the 10ft sit on top range. Outfitted with premium features for the a very comfortable paddling experience. A very popular option for those wanting a compact but luxurious sit on top for general paddling fun.

Viking Profish 35 Fishing Kayak

Viking Profish 35

Lightweight and compact, the Profish 35 is a great all-rounder for those wanting to paddle and fish coastal waters, estuaries and inland waterways. Easy to paddle and stable, with a handy central tackle storage area and 4 rod holders as standard. A great choice for a first fishing kayak or for those just wanting a stable 11ft sit on top for paddling.


Touring Sit On Tops

With a longer waterline length, this range of sit on tops are designed for those who want to paddle a little further. These kayaks are faster and will cope better in more challenging conditions compared to shorter kayaks. Excellent for both coastal and in-land day touring.

Wilderness systems Tarpon 120 E sit on top kayak

A very popular sit on top for touring on the sea and inland waters. Outfitted with a number of premium features to make paddling comfortable and accessorising easy. Add optional rod holders to turn this into a fishing kayak.

Perception Triumph 13 Sit On Top Kayak

The Triumph 13 a great all-rounder for coastal paddling and inland waterways. Reassuring stability meets great forwards speed for a fanstatic kayak for touring and exploring. Add optional rod holders to make this into a fishing kayak.

RTM Tempo Fast Kayak

RTM Tempo

A high performance sit on top for those who want to travel further and faster! Performs well in rougher coastal waters and glides like a dream on flat water.

RTM Rytmo Luxe

RTM Rytmo Luxe

A fast and efficient sit on top kayak for touring on coastal and open ocean waters. The 15ft long and sleek hull copes well with choppy waves and swell and has numerous storage areas for gear. Great for general touring, or add some optional rod holders to make this into a fishing kayak!


Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks

Hobie Kayaks offer a 'hands free' solution to kayaking. These kayaks can be controlled by pedalling, leaving your hands free for fishing, photography and more...

Hobie Kayaks from Cornwall Canoes UK Supplier

Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks

MirageDrive powered kayaks - the ultimate for kayak fishing, fitness and touring.


We also have an excellent range of Sit On Tops designed for Fishing Kayaks as well as Tandem Sit On Tops