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Inflatable Kayak Equipment

Inflatable Kayak Pumps & Accessories

A selection of equipment and accessories for use with Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes including pumps, repair kits, dry bags, pressure gauges and more!

Inflatable Kayak and Canoe Pumps

5L Foot Pump

5L Foot Pump

A simple foot pump for inflating you inflatable kayak or canoe. Features the option to inflate or deflate. It also comes complete with universal nozzles, meaning it should fit any valve. Inflates 5 Litres in volume per pump up to a maximum pressure of 4.3 PSI.

Price: £14.99

Dual Action Hand Pump 2x2L

Dual Action Inflatable Hand Pump

An efficient air pump that inflates on both the up stroke & down stroke of the handle. Each stroke puts in 2L of air with a maximum inflation pressure of 7.2 PSI. Supplied with a set of adapters compatible with various models of canoes, kayaks & boats.

Price: £19.99

Inflatable Kayak Pressure Gauges

Sevylor Easy Inflation Manometer

Sevylor Easy Inflation Manometer

This easy inflation manometer is designed to connect inline between your pump and kayak. You can then check the pressure as you inflate your kayak or canoe. Connects to Sevylor or Bravo Stirrup Hand Pumps with bayonet connection. Works up to 10 PSI.

Price: £39.99

Gumotex Pressure Gauge

Gumotex Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge designed for Gumotex inflatables. Fits dirrectly to the Gumotex Push-Push valves. Perfect for finding the optimal inflation pressure for your Gumotex craft.

Price: £44.00

Inflatable Kayak Repair Glue

Gumotex Elastik Glue 15g

Gumotex Elastik Glue 15g

A small tube of Gumotex Elastik Glue. Used for sticking Nitrilon repair patches to Gumotex boats. Can also be used for other small repairs on inflatable kayaks.

Price: £7.00