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Stand-Up Paddle Board Equipment & Accessories

Cornwall Canoes stocks the most popular SUP equipment and accessories, including leashes & buoyancy aids, to suit a range of uses and paddlers. Take a look at our range below.....

SUP Leashes

NRS Coiled SUP Leash

NRS Coiled SUP Leash

This leash features swivels at either end to reduce tangles and has a comfortable padded 2 ankle cuff. The 20 coil ensures the leash is kept clear of the water when paddling. NOTE: The coiled leash is great on all types of water with the exception of fast flowing rivers where the quick-release sup leash should be used.

Price: £39.95

NRS Quick Release SUP Leash

NRS Quick Release SUP Leash

The NRS Quick Release SUP Leash has been designed to work with both general purpose and whitewater/rescue buoyancy aids. The leash allows paddlers to safely stay attached to their board but when required can be quickly disconnected. The Quick Release SUP Leash is compatible with a range of different PFD's.

Price: £56.95

Buoyancy Aids

Palm Glide PFD

Palm Glide PFD

The Glide PFD waist belt conceals a 100N inflatable floatation device which is quickly inflated when needed. A handy little compact personal floatation device for SUPing and other watersports.

Price: £120.00

Palm Meander PFD

Palm Meander Buoyancy Aid

A simple and stylish buoyancy aid with slimline design. Offers a lightweight feel that is great for SUPing and touring. Features multiple adjutsment straps and a front pocket for small essentials.

Price From: £80.00

Palm Peyto PFD

Palm Peyto Buoyancy Aid

A feature packed buoyancy aid with a sleek and comfortable design. Features a large rear pocket for a hydration bladder and fleece lined warmer pockets. Great for touring, sea kayaking, kayak fishing, SUPing and more!

Price: £130.00

SUP Pumps

Deluxe SUP Hand Pump With Gauge

Deluxe SUP Hand Pump With Gauge

The Deluxe SUP Hand Pump will inflate your SUP quickly with minimal effort, a simple swith allows you to toggle between double or single action. It has a handy gauge with a scale in Bars and PSI so you can be sure when you have got to the correct pressure. It can also deflate to get the very last of the air out and ensure compact packing. Max pressure: 1.9 Bar - 27.5 PSI.

Price: £34.95

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