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Sit On Top Kayaks | Adult & Child

1+1 Kayaks for 1 Adult and 1 Child

Kayaks designed to for an adult paddler with a child passenger. These kayaks have a small dedicated seating position for a child to join you whilst paddling. Great for Mum or Dad to get out on the water and for the little one to come along and join in the fun! A great choice for getting your child out on the water until they are old enough to paddle their own kayak.

We can supply all sit on top kayaks from the world's leading brands: Feelfree Kayaks | Viking Kayaks | Wilderness Systems | RTM | Perception | Hobie | And more! View All Brands

Feelfree Juntos

Feelfree Juntos

Single kayak with additional seating position on the bow for a child. A nice stable design and great for general fun at the beach or lake. Inlcudes the useful wheel in the keel feature.

Perception Triumph 13 Comfort

Perception Triumph 13

The Triumph 13 is a sit on top designed for cruising on coastal waters and covering greater distances for day trips. Efficient hull cuts through the water easily and copes with general coastal conditions. A small moulded in seating position allows a child to sit between your legs as you paddle.


Have you considered a stable tandem sit on top?

Tandem Sit on Top Kayaks are very stable and easy to paddle with two people. Some models are even equipped so that you can paddle them solo. Below are some of our most popular models:

Gemini Sport

Feelfree Gemini Sport

Excellent 2 seater sit on top for tandem paddling. The Gemini is a fast and fun kayak ideal for families, couples or friends.


We also have an excellent range of Sit On Tops designed for Fishing Kayaks as well as Sit On Tops for the Surf