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Kayaking & Canoeing Helmets For Sale

We stock a range of helmets suitable for white water paddling, sea kayaking and kayak surfing.

WRSI Current Whitewater Helmets

WRSI Current

A tough ABS plastic helmet with a polyurethane sub-shell helmet at an affordable price. Features comfortable padding inside the helmet. The WRSI Current is perfect for Surf and Whitewater use.

WRSI Current Whitewater Helmets

WRSI Current Pro

A high quality helmet with a tough ABS plastic outer shell with a polyurethane sub-shell, stylish visor, removable ear pads and comfortable padding system. Everything you'd expect from a helmet that is ready to take on white water and surf abuse!

Sweet Rocker Half-Cut Helmet

Sweet Rocker

Arguably the most high performance paddlesport on the market. The Rocker's high tech carbon fibre reinforced shell will keep you protected in the roughest of conditions.

Sweet Stutter Peaked Whitewater Helmet

Sweet Strutter

The Sweet Strutter is inspired by the most functional headwear of all time, the American baseball cap!

Sweet Wanderer

Sweet Wanderer

The design is retro skate-style inspired, with a built in beak specially designed for whitewater use.

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NRS Havoc Helmet

NRS Havoc | One Size Adjustable

The NRS Havoc helmet is a tough, one size fits most helmet that is perfect for beginner use in surf and whitewater.


Cold Head? Try A Thermal Cap or Helmet

Try an Earwig (aka Skull Cap)! Skull caps reduce "ice cream head" when paddling in cold water and help against "Surfers Ear". If you are paddling in very cold conditions the Palm Surf Hood will provide excellent protection with a long neck to overlap with your drysuit, cag or wetsuit.

These products are not protective helmets - purely a thermal layer for your head.

Palm Header Cap

Palm Header Cap

The Palm Header Cap is designed to help keep your head warm when immersed and reduces the risk of surfers ear. Its low profile design allows the header cap to also be worn underneath a helmet.

Price: £16.00

Palm Pilot Cap

Palm Pilot Cap

The Palm Pilot Cap is made from 2mm Quick Drying (Limestone) Thermal Neoprene and is flatlock stitched for increased comfort. Perfect for keeping your head warm in colder conditions.

Price: £14.00

Palm Surf Hood

Palm Surf Hood

The Palm Surf Hood is designed to keep your head warm and stop you getting 'ice cream head' when paddling out through waves or rolling in cold conditions. Includes a peak and a long neck to tuck into a wet suit or overlap neck seals. Ideal for UK or Artic winter paddling!

Price: £36.00