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Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks

Cornwall Canoes is one of the leading Hobie Kayaks dealers in the UK. We stock an extensive range of Hobie Kayaks and Hobie Accessories. All our staff own and use Hobie Kayaks and know their craft inside and out. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Hobie Kayak range then please contact us.

Hobie were the first to put a pedal drive in a kayak back in 1997 and have been market leaders in the pedal drive kayak world ever since. Hobie are continually innovating and developing their revolutionary Mirage Drive kayaks, based on extensive R&D and customer feedback, to produce some of the best kayaks in the world. The Mirage Drive pedal system has seen numerous revisions over the years to improve efficiency, reliability and ease of use. Click Here for a breakdown of the Mirage Drives available in the latest 2021 Hobie Kayak range.

Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks

Mirage Thermoformed Series

These models are made using a thermoforming technique, which helps to make a lighterweight kayak. These models also have a more simplified design for a lower-cost price point.

Hobie Passport 10.5 2020 Mirage Kayak for sale at Cornwall Canoes

Hobie Passport 10.5 | 2020 & 2021

The all-new Mirage Passport 10.5 brings a simplified design with the essential features at a low price point. Enjoy all the benefits of Mirage Drive pedal power in a compact and affordable package. Features the Mirage Drive GT with Kick-Up Fins (2021 model).

Hobie Passport 12 2020 Mirage Kayak for sale at Cornwall Canoes

Hobie Passport 12 | 2021

The Passport 12 offers a lightweight pedal drive kayak with all the essential features for fishing and cruising, and all at a excellent price. Features the Mirage Drive GT with Kick-Up Fins.

2021 Hobie Lynx Kayak

Hobie Lynx | 2021

The streamlined and sleek hull of the Lynx offers fast and agile performance in a lightweight design, perfect for cruising and fishing on calm waters. Features the Mirage Drive 180 with Kick-Up Fins


Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks

Mirage Rotomoulded Series

Constructed from rotomoulded polyethylene for the toughest durability. These models feature a premium set of features for the best pedal kayak experience out there!

Hobie Compass 2021 from Cornwall Canoes

Hobie Mirage Compass | 2021

The Mirage Compass combines aspects from the Revolution and Pro Angler hull designs, with a simplifed deck outfitting for great performance at a great price. Great for touring and kayak fishing. 2021 model now comes with Mirage Drive 180 V2 with Kick Up Fins!

Hobie Outback 2021 from Cornwall Canoes

Hobie Outback | 2021

The best selling Hobie fishing kayak featuring a stable yet efficient hull design and all the latest fishing features. The Outback is the best all-round pedal drive fishing kayak we have seen! A superb option for general coastal and inland waters. Features the Mirage Drive 180 with Kick-Up Turbo Fins.


Hobie revolution 13 2021 model

Hobie Revolution 13 | 2021

The Revolution or "Revo" 13 was designed to be versatile with great performance. The sporty hull slices through the water with great efficiency making this great for covering distance with ease. A popular choice for coastal kayak fishing and general touring and exploring! Features the Mirage Drive 180 with Kick-Up Fins.

2021 Hobie Revolution 11 Kayak

Hobie Revolution 11 | 2021

Hobies brand new Revo 11 combines all the great features of Hobies top selling single seater Revolution 13 in a more manoeuverable lighter weight kayak. Features the Mirage Drive 180 with Kick-Up Fins.


Hobie Tandem Mirage Drive Kayaks

Enjoy the water with the family, freind or paddling / fishing partner! Tandem Hobie Kayaks come equipped with two Mirage Drives for extra perfromance!

Hobie Mirage Compass Duo 2021 Tandem Kayak for sale

Hobie Mirage Compass Duo | 2021

The popular Compass is now available in a tandem option, equipped with 1 x Mirage Drive 180 with Kick Up, 1 x Mirage Drive GT with Kick-Up Fins and two Vantage Seats. Featuring a stable hull design, large rear cargo area and H-Track accessory mounts. Great for couples and families for general fun, touring and fishing.

Hobie Kayaks Oasis 2021 Model

Hobie Oasis | 2021

A sleek and fast tandem kayak featuring a Mirage Drive 180 system for both kayakers. Ideal for anglers, nature watchers and for touring and exploring inland and on the coast.


Hobie Pro Angler Series

For the angler who wants the very best in fishing kayak innovation. The Pro Angler series kayaks come crammed with all the latest features so that you can fish to the very best of your ability in the utmost comfort! Super stable and superb for freshwater kayak fishing.

Hobie Kayaks Pro Angler 12 2020

Hobie Pro Angler 12 | 2021

The Pro Angler 12 is super stable platform designed specifically for fishing. An impressive list of features includes the Mirage Drive 180 with Kick Up Turbo Fins, a super comfy Vantage ST seat, rod storage tubes, H-Rails and much more!

Hobie Kayaks Pro Angler 14 2020 - buy at cornwall canoes

Hobie Pro Angler 14 | 2021

The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler series combines a feature-filled super-stable fishing platform with Hobies revolutionary Mirage Drive 180 with Kick Up Turbo Fins. his kayak is stacked full of the latest features making this one of the very best fishing kayaks out there. The ultimate lake and calm water fishing kayak!


Hobie Island Series

Kayaks designed specifically for sailing and equipped with a main sail, outriggers, drop-down daggerboard, rudder and Mirage Drive system. Super versatile craft for fun on the water, day trips or expedition use!

Hobie Kayaks Adventure Island Trimaran 2021

Hobie Adventure Island Trimaran | 2021

A sailboat, kayak, trimaran and fishing boat! Unfurl the 6.04 m² sail and ride the wind, or use the Mirage Drive when the wind is absent. The fold-out AMAs provide superior stability and the daggerboard prevents lateral slip, making this a very capable and super fun sailing craft! Detach the AMAs and AKA bars and you have a pedal-drive touring and fishing kayak!

Hobie Tandem Island Sail Kayak 2021

Hobie Mirage Tandem Island Trimaran | 2021

The Tandem version of the popular Adventure Island. Sail it, Pedal it, Paddle it, Fish from it and more! The 18ft 6in Tandem Island with its 8.4 m² sail is the ultimate sailing kayak that is both easy-to-use and great fun for expedition touring, day tripping and fishing adventures.


Hobie Mirage Drive Pedal System

Hobie Kayaks Mirage Drive System works like Pengiun wings

Hobie Mirage Drive System

Hobie Mirage kayaks are propelled through the water using the incredibly efficient Mirage Drive pedal system. You pedal by stepping alternately left and right, not unlike an exercise stepper, to drive two rubber fins beneath the hull. They work much like a penguin's fins to propel the Hobie Kayak forwards with surprising speed and ease. All of which lets you go into kayaking feet first, with your hands free for fishing, photography and more!

The Mirage Drive has been continually developed over the years with the latest Mirage Drive 180 allowing you to reverse at the simple pull of a toggle on the drive and the 360 drive allowing for peddaling in any direction on the water!