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Pedal Drive Fishing Kayaks

Sit On Top Kayaks with Pedal Drive Systems

PDL Drive | Pilot Drive | Helix Drive | Flex Drive | OverDrive | Impulse Drive

These kayaks are powered using your feet! This leaves your hands-free for fishing which is a huge advantage over paddling. The kayaks listed below use a cyclical drive system where by you cycle the pedals to drive a propellor beneath the hull. This is a different system used to Hobie Kayak who use a Mirage Drive which is operated by stepping alternately on two pedals to drive two fins side-to-side beneath the kayak - see the Hobie Mirage Fishing Range Here.

Riot Mako 10 Impulse Drive Pedal Kayak

Riot Mako 10 with Impulse Drive

A compact and nimble pedal drive fishing kayak at an affordable price. Glide calm waters with ease using the Riot Impulse Drive.


Riot Mako 12 Impulse Drive Pedal Kayak

Riot Mako 12 with Impulse Drive

A pedal drive fishing kayak with plenty of features at a superb price! Great for fishing lakes, inland waterways and sheltered coastal spots. Hands-free cruising with the Riot Impulse Drive.


Feelfree Lure 11.5 OverDrive Pedal Kayak

Feelfree Lure 11.5 OverDrive

A pedal drive fishing kayak with optional Motor Drive! Super stable fishing kayak loaded with all the latest features for the serious kayak angler. Compact 11.5 size option.


Feelfree Lure 13.5 OverDrive Pedal Kayak

Feelfree Lure 13.5 OverDrive

A pedal drive fishing kayak with optional Motor Drive! Super stable fishing kayak loaded with all the latest features for the serious kayak angler. Spacious and high capacity 13.5 size option.


Feelfree Dorado OverDrive Pedal Kayak

Feelfree Dorado 125 OverDrive

A super stable hull design combined with the Feelfree OverDrive pedal system and the latest features including LED cockpit lighting and navigation lighting. The ultimate rig for flatwater!

Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0 Pedal Kayak

Perception Pescador Pilot 12.0

The Pescador Pilot 12.0 is a fishing kayak loaded with features and powered by an efficient pedal drive... and all at a great price!


Wilderness Systems Radar 135 Helix Drive UK

Wilderness Systems Radar 135 with Helix Drive

Stable and spacious, the Radar 135 offers a great hull for all-round kayak fishing and cruising. The Helix Drive pedal system offers hands-free motion through the water with surprising ease.

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Old Town Predator PDL Pedal Kayak

Old Town Predator PDL

Superior stability, ultimate comfort, loads of storage capacity and powered by the efficient PDL pedal drive. The Predator PDL offers a hands-free fishing platform for the serious angler.


Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks

Hobie Passport 10.5 2019 Mirage Kayak for sale at Cornwall Canoes

Hobie Passport 10.5 | 2019

The all-new Mirage Passport 10.5 brings a simplified design with the essential features at a low price point. Enjoy all the benefits of Mirage Drive pedal power in a compact and affordable package.

Hobie Passport 12 2020 Mirage Kayak for sale at Cornwall Canoes

Hobie Passport 12 | 2020

The Passport 12 offers a lightweight pedal drive kayak with all the essential features for fishing and cruising, and all at a excellent price.

Hobie Fishing Kayaks

Full Range of Hobie MirageDrive Kayaks

Hobie are the ones who first put a pedal drive into a kayak many, many years ago and started a revolution! Over the years they have refined their Mirage Drive pedal system and are well established as the market leaders in the pedal drive kayak sector. With a Hobie Mirage Drive Kayak you can expect cutting edge technology and designs with premium features and fantastic quality for the best pedal drive experience! There are many models in the range to suit various fishing situations.

If the kayak you want is not listed please see the other kayaks available on our manufacturers page, or contact us and we will be able to supply from within the Canoe-Shops-UK group stock. We stock and supply fishing kayaks from: Feelfree | Viking Kayaks | Ocean Kayak | Wilderness Systems | RTM | Perception | Hobie | Other Brands

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