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Anchoring Accessories For Kayak Fishing

Full Kits and Components. Everything you could possibly need for anchoring your fishing kayak.

Anchoring Kits

The CSG Anchoring Kit together with the CSG Anchor trolley kit includes all the items needed to set up a quick-release anchoring system on your kayak

CSG Full Anchoring Kit - Universal Fit

CSG Anchoring Kit

Kayak Anchoring Kit including Buoy and 80m Anchor Reel. The Ideal kit to anchor off your kayak safely. Please note you will also need an anchor trolley kit to install this on your kayak. (See Below)

Anchor Kit Includes

  • 1.5kg Galvanized Grapnel Anchor
  • 80m Dive Spec Reel
  • Floating Line
  • Pick up Buoy
  • Zig Zag Cleat
  • Fittings (Well Nuts)
  • Installation Instructions
CSG Anchor Trolley Kit

CSG Anchor Trolley Kit

Universal kayak anchor trolley system. Essential to anchor your kayak safety. Step by Step installation instructions included. All fixings and line needed included. Perfect for use with the CSG Full Kayak Anchor Kit.


Anchoring Components

Individual components to allow you to build you own anchoring system, or add to your existing set-up.

Folding Grapnel Anchor 1.5kg

Folding Grapnel Anchor 1.5kg

The best size for fishing kayaks. Ideal for clean, mixed and rough ground.

Price: £14.99

Folding Grapnel Anchor 0.7kg

Folding Grapnel Anchor 0.7kg

Suitable for calm conditions and shallow ground. Good for mixed and rough ground.

Price: £10.99

Bruce Anchor 1kg

Bruce Anchor 1kg

Ideal for anchoring a kayak on clean ground and soft sediments.

Price: £21.99

Anchor Chain
6mm - 1 Meter

Anchor Chain 6mm

Adding a short length of chain to your anchor provides added weight and extra holding power. Sold in pre-cut 1 meter lengths.

Price: £4.50

Dive Reel For Kayak Anchoring - 80m

Kayak Anchor Dive Reel with Line

The ideal size anchor reel for kayak fishing. This anchor reel comes with 80m of line which is ideal for most anchoring situations.

Price: £44.95

Pick-Up Buoy

Pick-Up Buoy For Anchoring

A Pick-Up Buoy is great for quick-release anchoring systems. Quickly un-tether from your anchor and retrieve when safe to do so.

Price: £14.99

Zig Zag Cleat

Sealect Zig Zag Cleat

A Zig-Zag cleat is great for locking off both your anchor trolley and anchor line, so you can fish comfortably at anchor.

Price: £6.95

Hobie Kayak Drogue

Hobie Kayaks Drift Chute - Drogue

A Drogue is a useful item that will slow your drift in windy condition. Once deployed the drift chute will open up and act as an anchor in midwater.

Price: £46.95

Hobie Anchor Trolley Kit

Hobie Anchor Trolley

Use this anchor trolley to shuttle your anchor line between the bow and stern on your kayak. 2 kits available to suit different models.

Price from: £57.95

Stainless Karabiner 60mm

Stainless Steel Karabiner 60mm

A useful item that can be used in anchor trolleys or to clip accessories to your kayak. 316 stainless steel construction.

Price: £4.50

Stainless Steel Pulley

Stainless Steel Pulley

The perfect size pulley to use for an anchor trolley with lines up to 6mm diameter. Stainless steel construction. Sold individually.

Price: £5.99

Pad Eyes (Pack of 6)

Pad Eyes (Pack of 6)

Ideal for attaching an anchor trolley or other accessories to your kayak. Can be used with trifold rivets, well nuts or bolts.

Price: £2.99

Anchor Shackle 6mm

Galvanised Anchor Bow Shackle

A galvanised anchor shackle used to connect chain (up to 6mm) to the nose of anchor - see here. Sold individually.

Price: £2.50

Stainless Steel Ring 30mm

Stainless Steel Ring 30mm

A 316 Stainless Steel 30mm Ring. Can be incorporated into anchor trolley set ups to run anchor line through.

Price: £2.50

Parell Buffer Bead

Parell Buffer Bead

A buffer bead for anchor trolley set ups. For lines up to 8mm diameter. Sold individually. Add to basket to see current available colour.

Price: £1.95

Rope, Line and Cord

Sold per metre - a quantity of 1 in the basket = 1 metre. Please ammend the quantity in your shopping basket to the desired length required. Rope will be shipped as the total length ordered and not cut into shorter sections.

10mm Floating Rope

10mm Floating Rope

Multistrand 10mm floating polypropylene cord. Useful for towlines, anchor tether lines and more. Sold per meter - adjust quantity in basket.

Price: £1.75

8mm Floating Rope

8mm Floating Rope

Multistrand 8mm floating polypropylene cord. Useful for towlines, anchor tether lines and more. Sold per meter - adjust quantity in basket.

Price: £1.40

5mm Black Polyprop Rope

5mm Black Polypropylene Rope

Multistrand 5mm polypropylene cord. Useful for anchor trolley lines, decklines, rigging lines and more! Sold per meter - adjust quantity in basket.

Price: £0.80

5mm Black Shock Cord

5mm Black Bungee Shock Cord

5mm bungee shock cord. Useful for decklines, leashes, anchor trolley shock absorbers and more! Sold per meter - adjust quantity in basket.

Price: £1.50