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Hobie Drift Chute / Drogue

Slow your drift in windy conditions

A useful piece of kit to help slow your drift in windy conditions. Less paddling, more fishing!


Hobie Drift Chute / Drogue

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Hobie Drift Chute / Drogue


The Hobie Drift Chute / Drogue is a useful item that will slow your drift in windy condition. Once deployed, ideally through an anchor trolley off the bow of the kayak, the drift chute will open up and act as an anchor in midwater. When used with an anchor trolley you can fine tune the angle at which you drift.


The drift chute has a weighted bottom section and floating top section so that it sits with the mouth of the chute wide open in the tide, usually sitting just beneath the surface. The chute acts as a brake and will slow the kayak down. The chute will then drift the kayak at the same speed as the tide, which is usally much less than the wind speed. This allows you to prolong your fishing time and reduce your paddling time! It also allows for baits to be presented much better whilst drift fishing. It can also be used if you get caught out in a squall, slowing you down and reducing the distance you travel with the unfavourable wind conditions.




  • Made from robust material
  • Weighted bottom section of the chute mouth
  • Floating top section of the chute mouth
  • Colour: Black


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