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Roof Rack Accessories

Accessories for use with roof racks, including straps, pads and security devices.

CSG Roof Rack Straps

Canoe Shops Group Roof Rack Straps

Strong and durable roof rack straps that are ideal for securing canoes & kayaks to car roof racks. Includes a padded protector on the cam buckle Sold as a Pair. 3m length perfect for most single and tandem sit-on and sit-in kayaks. 5m length perfect for larger canoes and wider kayaks.

3m Price: £15.95
5m Price: £18.95

CSG Roof Bar Pads (Pair)

Canoe Shops Group Roof Rack Straps

Foam roofbar pads with heavy duty polyester cover. Designed to cushion your kayak or canoe against the roof bars on your roof rack. Provides greater grip of your kayak or canoe when strapping it down to the roofbars. Compatible with Thule Square Load Bars.

40cm Price: £14.95
80cm Price: £29.95

Palm Roof Rack Pads (Pair)

Palm Roof Rack Pads - 80cm - Fits Thule WingBar, AeroBar and SquareBar

High quality roof rack pads made from tough ballistic fabric with wrap around securing straps. Fits a wide range of bar shapes including Thule SquareBar, AeroBar and Wingbar.
Supplied as a pair.

50cm Price: £24.30 (RRP £27.00 - Saving £2.70)
80cm Price: £31.50 (RRP £35.00 - Saving £3.50)

Beluga Security Cable

Beluga Security Cable

A security cable for securing your canoe or kayak to the car. No lock required - wire passes through a door seal and a large nylon bead prevent the cable being removed. Best used through a scupper hole or moulded handle on a kayak. Constructed from a high-strength multi-strand galvanised steel with a plastic coating.

Price: £19.95

Thule Lockable Roof Rack Straps

Thule Lockable Roof Rack Straps (841)

Protect your kayak when in transit using these secure lockable roof rack straps. Each strap contains a highly durable steel core wire, which helps to prevent the strap from being cut. The lockable strap buckle also has a protective cover to avoid marking your kayak. Supplied as a pair.

Price: £67.49 (RRP £74.99 - Saving £7.50)

RUK Load Assister

RUK Load Assist Bar

An arm that attaches to your existing square profile roof bars and extends out from the side of the vehicle. Lift the bow onto the load assist bar, walk to the stern and lift this onto your roof rack. Includes a rope to tether to the stern of your kayak or canoe to prevent slipping whilst loading.

Price: £63.75 (RRP £74.99 - Saving £11.24)

HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack

HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack

Inflatable Roof Racks that can be fitted to most 5 door cars and 3 door cars that have rear opening windows. Suitable for smaller kayaks. Comes with pump and straps to attach the kayak to the handi rack. Packs away neatly into a small storage bag.

Price: £71.99 (RRP £79.99 - Saving £8.00)

Thule Cable Lock - 180cm

Thule Cable Lock - 180cm

This security lock can be used to secure your kayak to your roof rack, or to an anchor/locking point when in storage at home. The cable lock is constructed from a plastic coated tough 6mm steel cable. This product is most effective when used through a scupper hole or a solid handle.

Price: £33.99 (RRP £37.99 - Saving £4.00)

Thule QuickDraw

Thule QuickDraw

This can be used as either a bow or stern line and aims to reduce lateral movement while driving. It is particularly useful for reducing the buffeting effect which often happens when passing larger traffic such as coaches or lorries. The system takes only a few minutes to attach and is tensioned using a pulley which has a built in cleat.

Price: £42.49 (RRP £49.99 - Saving £7.50)

Hobie Caution Flag

Hobie Caution Flag (MK0046)

A hi-visibility flag for use when transporting your kayak. Recommended if your kayak protrudes from your vehicle.

Price: £6.95 (RRP £7.95 - Saving £1.00)

Kajak Sport Transport Flag

Kajak Sport Transportation Flag

A hi-visibility flag for use when transporting your kayak. Recommended if your kayak protrudes from your vehicle.

Price: £6.95