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Gloves, Mitts and Pogies for Canoeing & Kayaking

Keep your hands warm whilst paddling with a set of gloves or pogies! We stock a selection of the most popular glove, mitts and pogies for kayaking and canoeing.

Paddling Gloves

Palm Neoflex Gloves

Palm Neoflex Gloves for Paddling

A thin super-stretch 0.5 mm glove offering the excellent dexterity during use for the best connection to your paddle. Thermospan lined with Amara palm grip. Great for warm weather paddling.

Price: £20.70 (RRP £23.00 - Saving £2.30)

Palm Grab Gloves

Palm Grab Gloves for Paddling

Comfortable gloves made entirely from 1.5 mm super-stretch neoprene for a snug fit to your hand. Coated with Titanium for better heat retention, with a PU print on the palm for extra grip to a paddle shaft. Smooth Glideskin cuff seal.

Price: £30.60 (RRP £34.00 - Saving £3.40)

Palm Throttle Gloves

Palm Throttle Gloves

A great all-round watersports and paddling glove. Constructed from soft 2mm neoprene. Tough suede leather reinforced 'Almara' palms and thumbs ensure durability, a good grip and protection. A velcro adjustable wrist features to ensure that you can get a comfortable fit.

Price: £40.50 (RRP £45.00 - Saving £4.50)

Palm Clutch Gloves

Palm Clutch Fingerless Gloves for Fishing

Short finger gloves that are great for fishing and warm weather paddling. Made from soft 2 mm neoprene with tough Amara reinforced palm and thumbs. A velcro adjustable wrist ensures a secure fit. Great for maintaining dexterity of your fingers whilst keeping the main of your hand warm and protected.

Price: £31.50 (RRP £35.00 - Saving £3.50)

Palm High Ten Gloves

Palm High Ten Gloves

A multipurpose neoprene gloves suitable for various water sport activities. Constructed from stretchy 3mm neoprene and featuring a slip-on cuff. The fingers are pre-bent and the palm and fingers are have printed-on grip spots to ensure good grip of objects in wet environments.

Price: £27.00

NRS Maverick Gloves

NRS Maverick Glove

A top paddling glove constructed from premium neoprene. The super grippy neoprene allows for a firm grip on your paddle whilst shedding water quickly. Liquid seams coupled with the hydro-cuff help keep the water out, making this glove a popular choice for cold-water paddling.

Price: £46.70 (RRP £54.95 - Saving £8.25)

NRS Fuse Gloves

NRS Fuse Neoprene Gloves

A lightweight neoprene paddling/watersports glove constructed from stretchy 1mm neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium. A fitted, stretchy slip-on wrist cuff makes the Fuse Glove easy to put on and take off and grippy textured palm provides a good grip on paddles even in the wet.

Price: £34.95

NRS Boater's Gloves

NRS Boaters Gloves for Kayaking

Quick-drying H2Core Rashguard material for UPF 50+ sun protection with a longer wrist cuff to overlap with long sleeved sports tops so reducing potential wrist area sunburn. Excellent choice for kayak fishing and sea, river or lake paddling in warm weather. Poseidon Blue colour.

Price: Call Us For Price

Paddling Mitts and Pogies

Wind and Splash protection for your hands

Palm Current Mitts

Palm Current Mitts

Prevent wind and splash chill on your hands whilst paddling with the Palm Current Mitts. These mitts have a micro-fibre fleece lining to prevent heat escaping the pocket of air around your hands, helping to keep them warm! Velcro paddle closure and a elasticated drawstring wrist cuff also feature.

Price: £40.50 (RRP £45.00 - Saving £4.50)

Palm Neo Pogies

Palm Neo Mitts

The Palm Neo Mitts are an 'easy-on' hardwearing neoprene splash/wind cover for your hands. Constructed from 3mm thermo-fibre lined neoprene they will help to keep your hands warm on the water. Featuring a long cuff with pull tab which is easy to put on, and a velcro closure for the paddle shaft.

Price: £37.80 (RRP £42.00 - Saving £4.20)

Palm Descent Pogies

Palm Descent Mitts

The Palm Descent Mitts offer warmth and protection to your hands as you paddle. Constructed from 3mm neoprene with a quick-drying thermal lining to keep your hands warm on the water. Featuring a short cuff with pull tab which is quick and easy to put on, and a velcro closure for the paddle shaft.

Price: £49.50 (RRP £55.00 - Saving £5.50)