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Railblaza produce many products that are useful to kayak anglers including: adjustable deck-mounted rod holders, camera mounts, booms and poles, visibility kits and lights, and the ever popular C-Tug Trolley. Cornwall Canoes holds in stock the most popular Railblaza products but we can also order in other Railblaza items if needed. If you can't find what your looking for, or need advice on which product is best for you, give us a call on 01726 862798.

C-Tug Kayak and Canoe Trolley

C-Tug with Sand Hopper Wheels

Railblaza C TUG Trolley

The strongest and most robust trolley available, suitable for canoes, touring kayaks and sit on tops.

  • 120kg load capacity
  • Dismantles in under 20 seconds
  • Strap included
  • Tool-free assembly


C-Tug with Sand Hopper Wheels

Railblaza C TUG Trolley With Sandtrakz Wheels

The ever popular C-Tug is now available with Sandtrakz Wheels. These wheels are designed to reduce the effort needed to trolley your kayak over soft sand!


C-Tug Sandtrakz Wheels

Railblaza C TUG Sandtrakz Wheels


Most kayak trolleys dig into soft sand making it hard work to transport your kayak. The new Sandtrakz Wheels for the popular Railblaza C-Tug trolley make life easier! Simply take your existing wheels off your C-Tug and put these new Sandtrakz wheels on instead!



Rod Holders

Railblaza Rod Holder II with Starport

Railblaza Rod Holder II with Starport

A popular adjustable rod holder for use with multiplier, fixed spool and fly reels. The holder includes a removable gimbal, anti bite-theft collar and hardware for installation. Can be deck or track mounted. Track mounting kit sold seperately.

Railblaza Rod Holder II with Starport

Railblaza Rod Holder R with Starport HD Kit

The smaller, lightweight brother of the Railblaza Rod Holder II, the Rod Holder R is suited to lighter spinning/lure rods and is compatible with spinning, baitcaster and fly reels. Comes complete with a Starport HD mount and fixings.

Railblaza Rod Holder II with Starport

Railblaza Rod Tube with Starport HD

A tube style rod holder for kayaks and boats, designed to keep rods/reels held higher above the water. The holder includes a drop-down gimbal with a StarPort HD mount and hardware for installation.


Camera Mounts

Railblaza Camera Adaptor

Railblaza Camera Adaptor

Compatible with most action cameras, digital cameras and SLR cameras on the market allowing them to become StarPort compatible. Includes a Go Pro Tripod Adaptor for Go Pro Cameras. Once fitted to your camera, simply plug and lock into a starport and you can capture all the excitement on the water to share with others when your back ashore!
Railblaza Camera Boom 600

Railblaza Camera Boom 600 Pro Series

Camera booms/poles are a great way to capture all the action when you are on the water. The Camera Boom 600 is really useful for overhead shots, and many other great angles to really get some unique footage.
Railblaza Extenda Pole 1000

Railblaza Extenda Pole 1000

A versatile mounting pole for lights, cameras, flags and more! 3 screw-together sections allow for height settings of 38cm, 68cm and 98cm. Requires StarPort base mount.


Railblaza Safety Flag

Railblaza Safety Flag

Increase your visual presence on the water with the Railblaza Safety Flag. The hi-viz flag is mounted on a 1.2m whip pole and can easily be fitted to any kayak. Requires a StarPort mounting base.


Railblaza Illuminate i360 All-Round White Navigation Light

Railblaza Illuminate i360 Navigation Light

An all-round white navigation light that meets the required standards for an all-round white navigation light for power and sailboats under 12 metres, and kayaks & canoes. Powered by 3 x AA batteries.


Railblaza Visibility Kit

Railblaza Visibility Kit 2

A complete pole-mounted visibility kit, including a 360 degree navlight for low light conditions, and a hi-viz flag for daylight use. Includes Starport mounting base and all the hardware needed for installtion. Make sure you are seen by other water users when you are on the water!


Bases and Components

Railblaza Starport

Railblaza Starport

It all starts with a Starport for Railblaza. Install a Starport on your kayak and build your own Railblaza accessory mounting system!
Railblaza Starport HD

Railblaza Starport HD

Many kayaks are made to suit the mount base pattern of Scotty, RAM, Cannon, and many others, and will often have pre-disposed drill holes or captive nuts on the deck or hatch covers to take these mounts. Railblaza introduced a StarPort to fit straight into these pre-disposed mounting spaces, the StarPort HD.
Railblaza Sideport

Railblaza Sideport

The Sideport is ideal for vertical cockpit wells on kayaks and any other application where you have a vertical surface, but need a horizontal StarPort.
Railblaza StarPort Extender

Railblaza StarPort Extender

A great way to raise the height of a rod holder or other StarPort accessory. Particularly useful for giving clearance to an accessory where space is limited! The Extender gives you 125 mm (5 in) of clearance from the StarPort.
Railblaza StarPort Extender

Railblaza Adjustable StarPort Extender

The adjustable extender allows for full flexibility in the positioning of your StarPort accessories via two 360 degrees friction joints and a central knob to adjust for up to 180° tilt in 15° increments. Provides additional 4.2in (105mm) of extension.


Railblaza Rotating Platform

Railblaza Rotating Platform

The Rotating Platform can be used as a flat surface mount to make many items StarPort compatible. Ideal for mounting fish finder head units and GPS units so that they can quickly and easily be installed and removed when setting up or packing away.
Railblaza Rotating Platform

Railblaza Transducer Arm XL

Quick and easy mounting system for your fish finder transducer. The arm goes over the side of the kayak and into the water, giving the best sonar reading possible! Retractable in shallow water.
Railblaza Rotating Platform

Railblaza Fish Finder & Transducer Mount

Quick and easy mounting system for your fish finder head unit and transducer. The head unit is mounted on a platform and the transducer is mounted on an arm that goes over the side of the kayak and into the water, giving the best sonar reading possible!
Railblaza Rotating Platform

Railblaza E-Series 12V DC Starport

The E Series 12V StarPort combines a 12 volt DC 3 amp socket within a StarPort base allowing the connection of fish finders, GPS units and other powered devices.
Railblaza Mobi Device Holder

Railblaza Mobi Device Holder

A handy little adjustable device holder that is great for holding mobile phones, VHF radios, handheld GPS units, PLBs and more securley on the deck of your craft.

TracMount Accessories

Railblaza Miniport Tracmount

Railblaza MiniPort TracMount

If your kayak has slide tracks then attaching Starport accessories to your kayak just got a lot easier! The MiniPort TracMount is designed to fit most existing tracks, including YakAttack, Wilderness Systems, Scotty, Native Watercraft and Yak Gear. Note: Can only be used on the right hand (starboard) side with a rod holder, so that the MiniPort tightens to the track when load comes on from a strike.

Railblaza StarPort TracMount Kit

Railblaza StarPort TracMount Kit

The StarPort TracMount Kit allows you to attach a StarPort to leading brand kayak tracks including Wilderness Systems and Yakattack.

Railblaza StarPort HD TracMount Kit

Railblaza StarPort HD TracMount Kit

The StarPort HD TracMount Kit allows you to attach a StarPort HD to leading brand kayak tracks including Wilderness Systems and Yakattack.


Rail Mounts

Railblaza StarPort TracMount Kit

Railblaza Railmounts 32-41

Designed to fit both circular and square 32mm rails and circular 41mm rails, such as those found on Hobie AKA outriggers. This mount will also fit the new Hobie H-Rail system so that you can add all your favourite Railblaza products to your Hobie kayak!


Kayak Motor Mounts

Railblaza Kayak Motor Mount

Railblaza Kayak Motor Mount

A strong and secure way to mount a trolling motor to your kayak! Can easily be removed after use. Ideal for for electric outboards and even petrol outboards up to 2.5HP.

Kayak Storage

Railblaza StarPort Wall Sling

Railblaza StarPort Wall Sling

The StarPort Wall Sling will free up space in your garage, shed or garden by allowing you to hang your craft on the wall. Suitable for kayaks, canoes, surfboards, SUPs, windsurf boards up to a total load of 30kg.

Can't find the Railblaza product you are looking for? Give us a call on 01726 862798 to find out the price and availability of other Railblaza products.

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