Hobie Mirage Drive Fishing Kayaks

Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak | Hands-Free Fishing Kayak

With the hull being propelled through the water using the unique Mirage Drive pedal system powered by your feet, your hands are left completely free to fish with! This provides a number of advantages to the angler such as trolling whilst holding the rod, holding position in a tidal run or in the wind whilst fishing, drifting a bottom bait when there is no tide, current or wind to assist you, moving the kayak whilst playing a fish.... and much more! These are huge advantages, particularly for lure anglers... advantages which are mostly unachievable with a paddled hull. 

These advantages are why many kayak fisherman, lure anglers in particular, have opted for a Hobie Mirage Drive fishing kayak.

Mirage Drive Fishing Kayaks

Hobie Passport 12 2020 Mirage Kayak for sale at Cornwall Canoes

Hobie Passport 12 | 2021

The Passport 12 offers a lightweight pedal drive kayak with all the essential features for fishing and cruising, and all at a excellent price.

Hobie Outback 2021 from Cornwall Canoes

Hobie Outback | 2021

The best selling Hobie fishing kayak featuring a stable yet efficient hull design and all the latest fishing features. The Outback is the best all-round pedal drive fishing kayak we have seen! A superb option for general coastal and inland waters. Packed full of features for kayak fishing.

Hobie Compass 2021 from Cornwall Canoes

Hobie Mirage Compass | 2021

The Mirage Compass combines aspects from the Revolution and Pro Angler hull designs, with a simplifed deck outfitting for great performance at a great price. Great for touring and kayak fishing. 2021 model now comes with Mirage Drive 180 V2 with Kick Up Fins!

Hobie Revolution 13 fishing kayak uk

Hobie Revolution 13 | 2021

The Revolution or "Revo 13 " is designed to be versatile yet effective. The sporty hull cuts through the water effortlessly and copes with choppy waves without issue. A superb all-round model for kayak fishing both coastal waters and inland waters.

 Hobie Revolution 11 Kayak

Hobie Revolution 11 | 2021

Hobies brand new Revo 11 combines all the great features of the Revolution 13 but in a more manoeuverable lighter weight kayak. Great for fishing small waterways and sheltered costalines.


Pro Angler Fishing Kayaks

Hobie Kayaks Pro Angler 12 model

Hobie Pro Angler 12 | 2021

The Pro Angler 12 is super stable platform designed specifically for fishing. An impressive list of features includes the all-new Mirage Drive 180, a super comfy Vantage ST seat, rod storage tubes, H-Rails and much more! Now also available in a limited edition Camo colour.

Hobie Kayaks Pro Angler 14 model - buy at cornwall canoes

Hobie Pro Angler 14 | 2021

The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler series combines a feature filled super-stable fishing platform with Hobies revolutionary Mirage Drive System. The larger version of the Pro Angler 12. The ultimate lake and calm water fishing kayak! Now also available in a limited edition Camo colour.


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