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Performance Fishing Kayaks

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These are high performance kayaks designed specifically for fishing and are designed to cover longer distances at speed in order to get to those more remote secret fishing spots with ease. Some are fully kitted out with all the latest features and accessories where as others provide a more basic hull layout to allow for custom user outfitting. These kayaks are generally 14ft+ and at this length they provide increased speed and performance that will take on open coastal conditions, offshore conditions and the rough stuff  more comfortably than shorter hulls, particularly if you will be covering greater distances on the water. At this length they all track well (keep a straight course when paddled) and most come with the option of having a rudder, which can help with manoeuvrability and make handling easier in windy conditions for hulls of this length.

RTM Rytmo Angler

RTM Rytmo Angler

The RTM Rytmo Angler is a design fusion between the fast and efficient Tempo and the feature-rich Abaco. It will hit the spot for many kayak anglers in terms of paddling performance and fishing features. The touring hull gives fantastic performance in the big sea conditions that can often be found around the UK. Supplied as a 'Big Bang' Pack including Hi-Comfort Seat and Alloy Paddle.

RTM Tempo Angler kayak grey storm

RTM Tempo Angler

The RTM Tempo Angler is a true icon in the UK kayak fishing scene thanks to its hull shape that provides great speed and performance. Based on the hull of the famous Scupper Pro, the Tempo continues it's legacy of being one of the fastest sit on top kayaks out there, perfect for coastal paddling.

RTM Tempo Kayak

RTM Tempo Standard

A high performance sit on top for those who want to travel further and faster! Performs well in rougher coastal waters and glides like a dream on flat water.


Hobie Revolution 13 2022 model

Hobie Revolution 13 | 2021 & 2022

The Revolution or "Revo" 13 was designed to be versatile with great performance. The sporty hull slices through the water with great efficiency making this great for covering distance with ease. A popular choice for coastal kayak fishing and general touring and exploring! Features the Mirage Drive 180 with Kick-Up Fins.


Have you considered a pedal-driven kayak? Hobie Kayaks with their unique Mirage Drive pedal drive system provide a number of advantages to the angler over a paddled kayak. Find out more by clicking here.

If the kayak you want is not listed please see the other kayaks available on our manufacturers page, or contact us and we will be able to supply from within the Canoe-Shops-UK group stock. We stock and supply fishing kayaks from: Feelfree | Ocean Kayak | Wilderness Systems | RTM | Perception | Hobie | Other Brands