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Canoes For Sale UK

Cornwall Canoes stock a wide range of open canoes to suit different requirements. To help make your decision as easy as possible, details of each different type of open canoe are included below.

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Top Selling Canoes

Best Selling Popular - Open Canoes

The canadian canoes below are the most popular models in the UK by demand. We also supply other models of canoes from the leading UK manufacturers.

Triple Layer Canoes

Triple Layer Open Canoes

Triple-layer polyethylene canoes are much stronger and tougher than single layer canoes. Triple layer canoes are stiffer, making them easier to paddle, and more manoeuvrable.

Lightweight Canoes

Lightweight Construction - Open Canoes

Made from composite materials such as TuffStuff and Royalex, lightweight canoes a lightweight but strong. Fantastic for Day-Tripping & Weekend Trips.

Inflatable Canoes

Inflatable Canoes

If you don't have the means to store & transport a solid canoe, then the inflatable canoe range is the next best choice to get out on the water.

Shop By Brand

Canadian Canoes - Shop By Brand

We can also supply from leading manufacturers including Nova Craft Canoes, Enigma Canoes and Pelican Canoes