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Gumotex Inflatable Kayaks available at Cornwall Canoes

Gumotex Inflatable Kayaks

Gumotex kayaks are constructed from HTP Nitrilon fabrics, which is a lighter version of the fabric used in RIBs Rigid Inflatable Boats used by the RNLI and divers. This is simply the best fabric for inflatable kayak construction and only the military use a heavier fabric. Gumotex therefore make some of the highest quality inflatable kayaks in the world!, and they are now available at Cornwall Canoes!

Solo Inflatable Kayaks

Gumotex Twist 1

Gumotex Twist 1 - Nitrilon (2018 Model)


A lightweight single person inflatable kayak. Great for beach fun and gentle touring on calm inland waters.


Gumotex Swing 1

Gumotex Swing 1 - Nitrilon (2018 Model)


A lightweight closed cockpit style kayak that is easy to maneovure with plenty of stability. Great for gentle day touring in calm waters.



Gumotex Safari 330

Gumotex Safari 330


The Safari has a self draining deck which makes it suitable for paddling on white water rivers and in small surf at the beach. Also great for gentle touring. Comes with thigh straps for additional control.


Gumotex Frumura

Gumotex Framura


The Gumotex Framura is an inflatable kayak suited to touring inland waters and sheltered coastline in calm conditions. The Framura comes as a 'Set' with spray deck and rudder.



Tandem and Three-Seat Inflatable Kayaks

Gumotex Twist 2

Gumotex Twist 2 - Nitrilon (2018 Model)


Tandem version of the Twist 1. A versatile all-round inflatable kayak for 2 adults, an adult and a child and can even be paddled solo.


Gumotex Swing 2

Gumotex Swing 2


A stable cockpit style inflatable kayak. Great for touring and exploring on lakes, slow rivers, canals and sheltered estuaries and bays.


Gumotex Solar 3

Gumotex Solar 3


One of the most popular kayaks in the Gumotex range due to its flexibility in seating arrangements. The Solar 3 can be paddled by 3, 2 or even 1 paddler! Great for all the family for fun at the beach, or gentle touring on calm waters.


Gumotex Seawave

Gumotex Seawave


The most suitable kayak in the Gumotex range for touring on the sea but is also great on inland waters. Versatile seating options for one, two or three paddlers with an optional 3rd seat. Available as a standard spec or as a 'set' which includes an integrated rudder system and removable cockpit covers.


Gumotex Canoes

Gumotex Palava

Gumotex Palava


Inflatable tandem canoe with high seating. Can be paddled seated or kneeling with the help of included thigh straps. Suitable for touring and rivers up to grade 2 white water.


Gumotex Scout

Gumotex Scout


An inflatable canadian style canoe great for family fun, touring and even whitewater! Can carry up to 3 paddlers.


Gumotex Fishing Craft

Gumotex Halibut

Gumotex Halibut


A stable inflatable kayak designed for fishing. Suitable for very calm waters such as lakes, slow rivers and canals. High seat design with solid floor for standing.


Gumotex Alfonso

Gumotex Alfonso


An inflatable fishing boat best suited for two anglers, but could take 3. Wide stable design, with rigid transom for a motor (Max 2.6KW / 3.5HP) if required. Features high seats and rod holders.


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