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Gumotex Thaya

Drop Stitch Inflatable Kayak

Premium inflatable kayak for 1 or 2 people. The latest high-pressure drop stitch technology is used to provide a rigid hull design for excellent paddling performance and improved comfort on the water.

Gumotex Thaya Inflatable Kayak

Gumotex Thaya - Top View
Gumotex Thaya - Paddling
Gumotex Thaya - Paddling
Gumotex Thaya - third seat
Gumotex Thaya - Paddling
Gumotex Thaya - Paddling
Gumotex Thaya - On the Water
Gumotex Thaya - Paddling
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Gumotex Thaya

The Gumotex Thaya is a premium inflatable kayak offering excellent performance for 1 or 2 paddlers. Using the latest Nitrilon Drop-Stitch technology on the floor and seats, the Thaya maintains a high-pressure rigid hull shape for increased paddling performance on the water.

The Dropstitch technology works by connecting of the upper and lower layers of the floor fabric with thousands of polyester fibers. The drop-stitch floor is then bonded to the outer resistant Nitrilon® material for excellent durability and robustness. The fibres connecting the upper and lower floor pannels allows for this chamber to be inflated to a high pressure, providing incredible rigidity, nearing that of a solid boat... all in a product that can easily be deflated and folded up for storage and transport!

The Thaya is ideal for two paddlers but performs well for solo paddling too as a seat can be set up in a central position for better weight distribution to maintain good trim while paddling. The seats also feature drop-stitch construction, providing a rigid and supportive backrest for comfortable paddling. An optional third seat can be fitted to take an additional small passenger.

The Thaya packs down into a transport bag for easy carrying and storage. Great for paddling trips on calm waters, exploring inland waterways or sheltered bays and estuaries. The Thaya can also be used in 'light' moving water such as small surf and slow moving rivers and is at home on white-water up to grade 2. The rucksack style transport bag is ideal for carrying the Thaya to less accessible waters such as mountain lakes or rivers which can only be accessed via a trek across rough terrain. It also makes portage between seperate waterways possible with the kayak inflated or packed.

Note: The kayak is supplied with two seats. The third seat is possible to purchase separately as an accessory.


  • Adjustable footrest in front and in the back (for conversion to a single kayak)
  • Comfortable inflatable seat made from a drop-stitch material
  • Grab handles for easy handling
  • Safety ropes on the bow and stern
  • Fixture for tracking fin
  • Tracking fin
  • Push-push valves
  • Safety relief valve in the bottom of the boat
  • Repair kit
  • Transport drybag 80l
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  • Length: 410cm
  • Width: 89cm
  • Weight: 17.5kg
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 230kg Optimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Gumotex Thaya for your weight
  • Material: Nitrilon®
  • Paddle type: Kayak
  • Max. number of persons: 1 or 2 person
  • Air chambers: 3+2 / 4 / 6+2
  • Packed dimension: 63 x 40 x 26
  • Max. operation pressure: 0,02 / 0,2 /3,0 ; 0,05 / 0,5 / 7,2 (Mpa / Bar / PSI)
  • Cardboard Box Dimension: 70cm x 48cm x 32cm


The Gumotex Thaya is constructed from Nitrilon® with Drop-Stitch Technology.

Material composition (Inside to Outside):

Drop Stitch Fibres, Top Layer of Drop Stitch Fabric, 1st Anchoring Layer, Natural and Synthetic Vulcanised Rubber Based Layer, 2nd Anchoring layer, High-strength PES Fabric, 3rd Anchoring Layer and an Outer Synthetic Rubber Based Coating.

Gumotex Nitrilon Drop-Stitch Material

Recommended Accessories

2x2L Inflatable Hand Pump for the Gumotex Thaya

Dual Action Hand Pump - 2x2L

An efficient hand pump that inflates on both the up and drown stroke of the handle. Great for the inflation and deflation of your inflatable kayak or canoe. Maximum inflation pressure of 7.2psi - suitable for the Gumotex dropstitch models including Thaya and Rush.

Price £17.99 (RRP £19.99 - Saving £2.00)

Gumotex GTX 2x3L Pump with Gauge

Gumotex GTX 2x3L Pump with Gauge

A 3L double action hand pump with a built in gauge that allow you to check the pressure as you inflate your boat. The higher volume of this pump makes it quicker to inflate your craft. Great for larger inflatables. Supplied with the Push-Push valve adapter.

Price £73.00

2 Piece Feelfree Day Tour Alloy paddle for the Gumotex Thaya

Feelfree Day Tourer Paddle - Alloy Shaft - 2 Piece

High quality paddle with strong asymetric blades on an alloy shaft with drip rings and index grip.

  • Length: 220cm
  • Shaft Material: Alloy
  • 2 Part Split Paddle Shaft

Price £59.95

Riot Distance 2 Part Split Paddle for the Gumotex Thaya

Riot Distance 2 Piece Paddle

An alloy shaft 2 part split paddle with a classic touring blade design. Great for recreational paddling.

  • Length: 230cm
  • Shaft Material: Alloy
  • 2 Part Split Paddle Shaft

Price £39.95 (RRP £44.95 - Saving £5.00)

Yak Kallista Kayak Buoyancy Aid

Yak Kallista Buoyancy Aid

A comfortable buoyancy with simplistic design and unrestrictive fit for paddling. Multiple adjustment straps, small front pocket and front-zip entry. Adult and Kids sizes available.



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