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Titan Kayaks

Titan Kayaks offer a range of watercraft developed by athletes who want the very best from their kayaks. Titan work closely with the paddling community to build boats that we all want to paddle!

Titan Dragon Creek Kayak UK

Titan Dragon

A great all-round creek kayak for both aspiring and more experienced paddlers alike. Just the right mix of speed and forgiveness to ensure you can take on a whole range of conditions on the river.

Titan Nymph River Kayak UK

Titan Nymph

A nimble and fast river runner with a slicey stern for those wanting a playful ride. A fantastic choice for progressing paddlers wanting to carve their way into tackling the most challenging of river runs.

Titan Yantra River Kayak UK

Titan Yantra

Featuring a semi-planing hull with moderate rocker and staggered rails offering stability and predictability for a forgiving ride. This makes the Yantra a superb river running kayak option for novice to intermediate paddlers looking to build their skills and progress into more challenging waters. Two size options available.

Titan Genesis Playboat Kayak UK

Titan Genesis

Be the master of all tricks with the Genesis playboat. A popping, looping, spinning, wave carving, surf riding, river running fun machine! Three size options available.

Titan Mix Sit On Top Playboat Kayak UK

Titan Mix

A sit on top based on the design of a white water playboat. A great choice for those who want to surf waves and play on moving water but without being sat inside a traditional white water kayak. Great for family fun at the beach or river for wave and rapid play.