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Sit On Top Kayaks

Wavesport Scooter X Solo Sit on Top Kayak For Sale

Wavesport Scooter

The Wave Sport Scooter X is the latest version of one of the UK's best selling sit on top kayaks. It is fun to paddle and suitable for all abilities - whether out on the sea surfing the waves, exploring the coastline or going for a paddle on the local canal.

Wavesport Scooter Gemini Sit on Top Kayak

Wavesport Scooter Gemini

A comfortable fun sit on kayak for use in the sea and inland waters. Very popular at the beach and is great fun in the surf!


Crossover Kayaks

Wavesport Ethos Crossover Kayak

Wavesport Ethos 9 & 10

A modern crossover kayak offering versatility for running low-grade white-water, play in the surf and for general touring with the advantage of the integrated drop-down skeg.


Whitewater Kayaks

Wavesport Diesel

Wavesport Diesel

The 4x4 of the white water kayak world, the Diesel will take it all on. Available in 3 sizings and 2 outfitting specifications.

Wavesport Phoenix

Wavesport Phoenix

A fast new hull from Wavesport, designed to take on the hardest rapids and drops the river can throw at you! CORE WhiteOut outfitting provides maximum connection and comfort with this speedster of the white-water world!


Touring Kayaks

Wavesport Hydra Touring Kayak

Wavesport Hydra

The new Hydra from Wavesport is a high-performance day touring kayak full of features. Excellent for flatwater touring but with enough hull rocker to play in the surf and be fun for paddling on coastal waters.

Wavesport Horizon Touring Kayak

Wavesport Horizon

A fast and efficient twin cockpit touring kayak. The 16ft hull provides excellent tracking and fast forwards paddling yet remains nimble. Great for coastal and inland waters. Includes BlackOut outfitting.

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Wavesport Vista Touring Kayak

Wavesport Vista

The Vista is an open top kayak great for coastal and inland paddling. Great straight line tracking performance and good forward paddling speed. Available in Rental and Expedition options.

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