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Riot Kayaks

Riot produce a range of kayaks for recreational touring, white water, surf and kayak fishing. Riot kayaks are produced from HDPE (high density polyethylene) to create a quality hull and better yet, they come at an affordable price!

Riot Touring Kayaks

Riot Quest 9.5

Riot Quest 9.5


A stable design and comfortable outfitting make this a great kayak for relaxed flatwater touring and exploring. Great for first time paddlers.

Riot Quest 10 HV

Riot Quest 10 HV


A super stable recreational touring kayak. With a larger carrying capacity than the Quest 9.5, the 10 HV is more suitable for the larger paddler. Great for relaxed flatwater touring and exploring and for the first time paddler.

Riot Edge 11

Riot Edge 11 With Skeg


A great kayak for flatwater day trips. Easy to paddle and features a drop-down skeg for improved tracking as well as comfortable seat and stern storage hatch.

Riot Enduro 12

Riot Enduro 12 with Skeg


A day touring kayak that is great for exploring calm coastal waters as well as inland waters. The stable 12ft hull is efficient through the water. Plenty of storage space for extra gear.

Riot Enduro 13

Riot Enduro 13 with Skeg


Longer and sleeker version of the Enduro 12 which provides additional performance and speed.

Riot Edge 15

Riot Edge 15 With Skeg


The Riot Edge 15 is a versatile touring kayak that combines an efficient hull design with stability and predictable characteristics.

Riot Brittany 16.5 Sea Kayak

Riot Brittany 16.5 Sea Kayak


A well outfitted and equipped sea kayak at an excellent price! Perfect for paddling over longer distances at sea. Lots of storage for multi-day adventures on the water.


Riot Whitewater and Surf Kayaks

Riot Magnum 72 & 80 Creek Kayaks

Riot Magnum 72 & Magnum 80


Riot's creek boat designed by their top white water kayak team. Fully adjustable white water outfitting and tough HDPE hull. A great creeker at a great price. Available in two sizes to suit different sized paddlers.

  • Magnum 72: Paddler Weight Range 50kg – 82kg
  • Magnum 80: Paddler Weight Range 77kg – 104kg
Riot Astro Playboat

Riot Astro


A dynamic freestyle kayak with classic playboat design, available at a very competitive price. Two sizes to suit different sized paddlers.

  • Astro 54: Paddler Weight Range: 50kg – 82kg
  • Astro 56: Paddler Weight Range: 77kg – 104kg
Riot Thunder 65 & 76

Riot Thunder 65 & 76


Those looking for a playful river running kayak that can handle the bigger grades whilst having a play will lavish in the Riot Thunder. A River Runner designed with the capabilities of both a playboat and creeker.

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