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Canoe Paddles

Alloy and Wooden Canoe Paddles to suit all budgets!

All-Round Recreational Canoe Paddles

Carlisle Economy

Carlisle Economy Canoe Paddle

Classic canoe and rafting paddle featuring an alloy shaft and a durable high density polyethylene blade.

Price: £23.95

Alloy Canoe Paddle

RUK Canoe Paddle

Tough alloy shaft canoe paddle with polyethylene blade. Great for all-round canoe paddling as well as club and centre use.

Price: £29.95

TNP All-Round Canoe

TNP Canoe Paddle

A great all-round lightweight canoe paddle. Tough durable design and construction. Also great for club and centre use.

Price: £34.99

Enigma Note

Enigma Note Wood Canoe Paddle

A classic design constructed from quality pine and mahogany. Coated with a clear lacquer for a clean finish and to increase durability.

Price: £34.95 (RRP £39.95 - Saving £5.00)

Grey Owl Scout

Grey Owl Scout Canoe Paddle

A lightweight all-round wooden canoe paddle made from quality basswood with a high-gloss finish.

Price: £54.95

Grey Owl Voyageur

Grey Owl Voyaguer Canoe Paddle

A quality recreational wooden canoe paddle constructed from laminated ash, cherry, basswood and walnut.

Price: £74.95

Touring Canoe Paddles

Enigma Key

Enigma Key Wood Canoe Paddle

A traditional beavertail design constructed from quality pine, mahogany and ash. Coated with a clear lacquer for a clean finish and durability.

Price: £53.95 (RRP £59.95 - Saving £6.00)

Carlisle Beavertail

Carlisle Beavertail Canoe Paddle

A classic wooden canoe paddle. Lightweight and durable with a mid-sized teardrop blade shape to suit various paddlers.

Price: £39.99 (RRP £54.99 - Saving £15.00)

Grey Owl Sagamore

Grey Owl Sagamore Canoe Paddle

Premium wooden canoe paddle made from Cherry. Long touring blade design. Available in an oiled or varnished finish.

Price From: £124.95