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Railblaza C-Tug With Sandtrakz Wheels

C-Tug with Wheels for transporting you kayak over soft sand!

Most kayak trolleys dig into soft sand making it hard work to transport your kayak. The new C-Tug Trolley with Sandtrakz Wheels makes this easier!


Railblaza C-Tug Sandtrakz Wheels for Soft Sand

Railblaza C-Tug Sandtrakz Wheels for Soft Sand

Railblaza C-Tug Sandtrakz Wheels for Soft Sand

Railblaza C-Tug Sandtrakz Wheels for Soft Sand

Railblaza C-Tug Sandtrakz Wheels for Soft Sand

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Railblaza C-Tug with Sandtrakz Wheels

If you have ever tried dragging your kayak on a trolley over soft sand you will know that it takes a lot of effort! The new C-Tug with Sandtrakz wheels reduces the effort needed to trolley your kayak over soft sand.

SandTrakz puncture free wheels mimic the track system used by bulldozers and military tanks. The outer rim compresses when in use giving a longer track length, so spreading the weight over alarger area and reducing the chance of them digging in. On soft sand this reduces how hard you have to pull to move your trolley by more than half compared to standard puncture free Kiwi Wheels (See Test Results under the Features Tab)!

Whilst they are designed to make life easier on soft surfaces, SandTrakz wheels are great on hard surfaces too. Because C-TUG SandTrakz are designed to compress they act like suspension on hard surfaces, making for easy transition from soft to hard surfaces.

The C-Tug quickly dismantles and will fit inside most bow hatches. The kayak is held firmly onto the elastomeric hull pads using the adjustable cam-lock strap. When placed at the centre of weight of the kayak, the C-Tug makes transporting your kayak to and from easy! A superb kayak trolley and highly recommended by our staff and customers!

The Sandtrakz Wheels are also available to purchase seperately as a pair to put on an existing C-Tug, see here: C-Tug Sandtrakz Wheels


  • Half the effort - see test results below
  • Puncture free Sandtrakz Wheels
  • Will fit inside most bow hatches
  • Dismantles in under 20 seconds
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Light weight 4.3 kg (10 lbs) and easy to handle
  • Reinforced composite material
  • Thermo-bonded elastomeric hull pads
  • Stainless steel reinforced axles
  • 2.4m (7.5") strap with cam-lock buckle
  • Adjustable kick-stand

    Railblaza C-Tug Sandtrakz Wheels for Soft Sand




We offer a delivery service for the Railblaza C-Tug with Sandtrakz Wheels throughout the UK & Ireland to home and work addresses.

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Collection - Click & Collect

Buy a Railblaza C-Tug with Sandtrakz Wheels online from our website and collect from our shop in St Columb Road near Fraddon in Cornwall or you can collect from any branch within the Canoe Shops Group. There is no cost associated with instore collection*.

Our other stores are:

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We will contact you to arrange collection upon receipt of you order.


Give us a call on 01726 862798 if you have any questions about the Railblaza C-Tug with Sandtrakz Wheels.