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C-Tug Trolley Spare Parts

Lost or broken a part on your Railblaza C-Tug trolley? We sell all the main spare parts for the C-Tug and C-Tug Sandtrakz trolley. Nationwide delivery available.

C-Tug Kick Stand

C-Tug Kick Stand

A replacement kick stand for the C-Tug Trolley. Fits C-Tug and C-Tug Sandtrakz.

Price: £10.36 (RRP £12.95 - Saving £2.59)

C-Tug Strap Kit with Cam Lock Buckle

C-Tug Strap Kit with Buckle

A replacement Strap Kit is a complete kit with 2 straps, ladder locks, and cam-lock buckle.

Price: £11.96 (RRP £14.95 - Saving £2.99)

C-Tug Hull Pad (Single)

C-Tug Hull Pad

A replacement Hull Pad for C-Tug trolleys. Sold individually.

Price: £15.96 (RRP £19.95 - Saving £3.99)

C-Tug Wheel Bushes

C-Tug Wheel Bushes

A set of 4 replacement wheel bushes for C-Tug Kiwi and Sandtrakz wheels - enough pieces to re-fit an entire C-Tug.

Price: £9.95

C-Tug Cross Beam (Single)

C-Tug Cross Beam

A replacement Cross Beam with toggle lock included. Sold individually - 2 crossbeams are used in the assembly of a C-Tug.

Price: £25.56 (RRP £31.95 - Saving £6.39)

C-Tug Toggle Locks

C-Tug Toggle Locks

A pair of replacement toggle locks and pins. Enough parts to replace both toggle locks on a single C-Tug trolley.

Price: £7.96 (RRP £9.95 - Saving £1.99)

C-Tug Double-Up Bar

C-Tug Double-Up Bar

Allows you to assemble 2 x C-Tugs together, spreading the load and allowing you to carry heavier kayaks or boats. Works with Kiwi and Sandtrakz wheels.

Price: £35.95

C-Tug Kiwi Wheels

C-Tug Kiwi Wheels

Puncture free with hi-grip rubber tread. Sold as a pair. Use to replace old pneumatic wheels, or lost wheels.

Price: £34.36 (RRP £42.95 - Saving £8.59)

C-Tug Sandtrakz Wheels (Pair)

C-Tug Sandtrakz Wheels

Puncture free wheels with an outer rim that compresses when in use giving a longer track length for soft sand use. Sold as a pair.

Price: £63.96 (RRP £79.95 - Saving £15.99)