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Quick-Release Kayak Anchor Systems

This is a popular way to anchor a fishing kayak and allows you to unanchor quickly should you need too, leaving the anchor system floating from the pick-up buoy for your to return to when safe to do so. We sell all the components you need to make your own quick-release anchoring system.

Please Note: You will an Anchor Trolley System with a Zig Zag Cleat on your kayak to use an anchoring system.

Check out this useful video from CORNISH KAYAK ANGLER on Youtube for more info on making your own Quick Release Anchoring Set Up

Quick Release Anchoring System Video - Cornish Kayak Angler

See below to purchase all the items you need to make your own kayak anchoring kit!

An example of a Quick Release Anchoring System

Folding Grapnel Anchor 1.5kg

Folding Grapnel Anchor 1.5kg

The best size for fishing kayaks. Ideal for clean, mixed and rough ground. Use with a length of chain to provide better holding power and reduce anchor slip. Folds up for easy storage.

Price: £16.20 (RRP £18.00 - Saving £1.80)

Bruce Anchor

Bruce Claw Anchor 2kg

More effective than a grapnel anchor for anchoring on clean sand, shingle, mud and mixed ground. 2kg size works great for all fishing kayaks.

Price: £18.00 (RRP £20.00 - Saving £2.00)

Anchor Chain
6mm - 1 Meter

Anchor Chain 6mm

Adding a short length of chain to your anchor provides added weight and extra holding power. Sold in pre-cut 1 meter lengths. Attach to an anchor using a bow shackle (sold seperately).

Price: £5.85 (RRP £6.50 - Saving £0.65)

Anchor Shackle 6mm

Galvanised Anchor Bow Shackle

A galvanised anchor shackle used to connect chain (up to 6mm) to the nose of anchor - see here. Sold individually.

Price: £2.25 (RRP £2.50 - Saving £0.25)

Stainless Karabiner 60mm

Stainless Steel Karabiner 60mm

Tie this to the end of your anchor line to allow to to quickly and easily attach and disconnect your anchor / anchor chain. 316 stainless steel construction for saltwater corrosion resistance.

Price: £4.05 (RRP £4.50 - Saving £0.45)

Dive Reel For Kayak Anchoring - 80m

Kayak Anchor Dive Reel with Line

The ideal size anchor reel for kayak fishing. This anchor reel comes with 80m of line which is ideal for most anchoring situations.

Price: £51.26 (RRP £56.95 - Saving £5.69)

Pick-Up Buoy

Pick-Up Buoy For Anchoring

A Pick-Up Buoy is great for quick-release anchoring systems. Quickly un-tether from your anchor and retrieve when safe to do so.

Price: £20.25 (RRP £22.50 - Saving £2.25)

8mm Floating Rope (5m Length)

8mm Floating Rope

Multistrand 8mm floating polypropylene cord. Colour either Yellow or Yellow with Red Fleck depending on availability. Sold as a 5m length.

Price: £6.95

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