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Touring, Sea Kayaking and Kayak Fishing Paddles

Standard Touring Paddles

These paddles are great for general sit-on-top paddling, touring kayaks and sea kayaks. They are more basic in specification than the more expensive paddles but are cost-effective, durable and great for beginner paddlers or those who aren't looking for higher performance. The blades are made from polypropylene and shafts come in a choice of alloy or fibreglass.

Feelfree Day Tourer Alloy

Feelfree Day Tourer Alloy Paddle

A classic touring shaped blade and a durable alloy shaft. Great for sit-on-top kayaking and touring kayaks. 1 and 2-piece shafts available.

Prices From: £39.95

Feelfree Day Tourer Glass

Feelfree Day Tourer Glass Paddle

A classic touring shaped blade and a lighter fibreglass shaft. Great for sot kayaking and touring kayaks. 1 and 2-piece shafts available.

Price From: £64.95

Originz Northwest Passage

Originz Northwest Passage Touring Paddle

A simple, yet effective, touring & recreational kayak paddle that offers smooth and efficient performance with optimised efficiency.

Price From: £89.95 (RRP £99.95 - Saving £10.00)

Mid Range Touring Paddles

These paddles sit between the standard range and the high performance range. In general they are lighter than lower value paddles and feature fibreglass or carbon-glass blend shafts for a nicer feel when paddling. Some come with adjutsable shaft ferrules allowing you to select the blade feathering (angle between the blade faces). Blades are reinforced for a stiffer more efficient blade. These paddles are great for the regular paddler.

Werner Tybee FG

Werner Tybee FG Paddle

Mid-sized fibreglass reinforced touring blade with adjustable ferrule carbon-blend shaft. A great option for those wanting quality at a great price!

Price: £129.99

Werner Tybee CF

Wener Tybee CF Paddle

Mid-sized carbon reinforced touring blade with adjustable ferrule carbon-blend shaft. Lightweight and best suited for mid and high angle paddling.

Price: £179.99

Premium Touring Paddles

These paddles are designed for higher performance. They feature composite glass or carbon blades which are stiff and light for efficient paddle strokes and lots of connectivity with the water. The shafts are strong and lightweight with adjustable ferrules for multiple feathering options. Shafts are available in straight or crank options, the crank (neutral bent) offering reduced stress and strain at the wrists. These paddles are great for regular paddlers looking for extra performance when paddling over distance.

Werner Corryvrecken

Werner Corryvrecken Paddle

High angled, full size blade paddle designed for sea kayaking and touring for the larger paddler. A powerful blade for high power output.

Price From: £279.99

Werner Shuna

Werner Shuna Paddle

Mid-sized blades for mid and high angle paddling styles. Medium power output and great for the majority of touring and sea paddlers.

Price From: £279.99

Werner Camano

Werner Camano Paddle

Long and narrow mid-sized blades for low angle paddling styles. Great for relaxed paddling where powerful paddle strokes are not required.

Price From: £279.99

Ultimate Touring Paddles

Top specification paddles for the ultimate in performance. These paddles are for those who are paddling long distances where every drop of performance is needed. Full carbon construction with Foam Core blades for an incredible light and stiff paddle, which are a real joy to use.

Werner Ikelos

Werner Ikelos Paddle

Aggressive high angled paddle with large foam-core blades. Designed for well-conditioned and experienced paddlers wanting power!

Price From: £419.99 (RRP £469.99 - Saving £50.00)

Werner Cyprus

Werner Cyprus Paddle

Mid-sized foam-core carbon blades for mid and high angle paddle styles. Very light & strong. Will suit the majority of paddlers.

Price From: £359.99 (RRP £399.99 - Saving £40.00)