Sit On Top Kayak Seats

These seats will fit the majority of sit on top kayaks providing that there are 4 attachment points - 2 forwards of the seating position and 2 behind the seating position. These may be in the form of d-rings, plastic pad-eyes or moulded-in clip points.

Feelfree Canvas Seat

Feelfree Canvas Seat

Universal fit seat for any Sit On Top Kayak. Also features a rear zipped pocket.

Feelfree Deluxe Seat

Feelfree Deluxe Seat

The Feelfree Deluxe provides additional comfort compared to a standard seat, with increased padding on the seat base and backrest. Four Snap Hook attachment points ensure that the Deluxe seat can be easily removed and re-fitted.

Wavesport SOT WhiteOut Seat and Backrest

Wavesport SOT WhiteOut Seat

A Padded Seat & Backrest designed for comfort and support. Supplied with Karabiner Clip Fixings and Storage Bag.

Palm Surf Backrest

Palm Surf Backrest

A simple padded backrest for sit on top kayaks.


Seats for Viking Kayaks

Hurricane Backrest Kit For Viking Profish Reload

Hurricane Backrest For Viking Reload

Height Adjustable Hurricane Backrest Kit specifically designed for the Viking Profish Reload range of Fishing Kayaks.

Viking Kayaks Kid Pod

Viking Kayaks Kid Pod

The Kid Pod provides a small seating area for a child, in the place of the removable Tackle Pod on your Viking Profish Reload or Profish GT. Also works as a flat standing platform for sight fishing on calm lakes