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Whitewater | Surf | General Purpose Spraydecks

This range of spraydecks are designed to keep you dry when you paddle through white water or getting a soaking in the surf! A variety of options are available from simple neoprene designs to reinforced options with tighter cockpit seals for reliability in big water conditions.

Manic Shock Neoprene spray deck

Manic Shock Deck

The manic shock deck is a simple shockcord, neoprene spray deck suited for surf and whitewater.

Palm Sport Spray Deck

Palm Sport Deck

Functional and stylish touring spray deck featuring a neoprene waist tube and seamless neoprene deck.

Manic River Neoprene spray deck

Manic River Deck

The Manic River is a top all-round whitewater deck with latex coating and strong shock cord for a dry seal.

Palm Enduro Spraydeck

Palm Enduro

The Enduro is the great all-round whitewater deck, featuring Gripsil latex rim coating, O-ring waist seal, knee-off strap and more! A great choice for the regular river and surf paddler.

Palm Impact Spraydeck

Palm Impact

Premium white water spray deck featuring a reinforced design and O-ring waist seal for an excellent seal even in the biggest white water conditions. Great for regular grade 3+ paddlers.

Palm Orbit Spraydeck

Palm Orbit

A top spec white water deck with Rand seal, for those massive hard-hitting white water sessions! Reccomended only for big water paddlers with rand deck experience.