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White Water & Surf Paddles

Standard White Water Paddles

These paddles provide excellent value for money for both the first time paddler and those on a budget. Blades are made from durable plastic and shafts are available in alloy and fibreglass.

TNP Rapa Duralumin

TNP Rapa Duralumin Paddle

A tough and durable all-round white water paddle with Duralumin Alloy Shaft and Glass reinforced polyamide blades.

Price: £67.99

TNP Rapa Glass

TNP Rapa Duralumin Paddle

Lightweight, tough and durable all-round white water paddle with Glass shaft and Fibreglass reinforced polyamide blades.

Price: £88.99

Palm Maverick G1

Palm Maverick G1 Paddle

The G1 is a great paddle for those starting out at white water, and also for club use. Features a strong fibreglass shaft.

Price: £80.96 (RRP £89.95 - Saving £8.99)

Mid-Range White Water Paddles

These paddles provide increased performance over standard paddles. Composite fibreglass or carbon shafts make for a lighter and nicer to use paddle. Strong reinforced blades feature for increased durability and paddling efficiency.

Palm Maverick G3

Palm Maverick G3 Paddle

A great multipurpose white water paddle for beginners and experienced paddlers. Features glass-reinforced nylon blades.

Price: £116.96 (RRP £129.95 - Saving £12.99)

Werner Rio FG

Werner Rio FG white water paddle

A fantastic introductory white water paddle featuring a strong fibreglass shaft with tough mid-sized injection moulded blades.

Price: £125.99 (RRP £139.99 - Saving £14.00)

Palm Maverick G5

Palm Maverick G5 Paddle

The top-end Maverick featuring a strong but light carbon-glass composite shaft and glass reinforced blades.

Price: £134.96 (RRP £149.95 - Saving £14.99)

Premium White Water Paddles

These paddles offer stiff composite glass or carbon blades for increased paddling performance. These are great for the serious white water or surf paddler who wants the most from their kit!

Werner Powerhouse

Werner Powerhouse Paddle

Lightweight, durable and stiff paddle for river running, creek boating and surf. Large blades for maximum power!

Prices From: £233.99 (RRP £259.99 - Saving £26.00)

Werner Sidekick

Werner Sidekick Paddle

Playboating paddle with large blades. The Sidekick provides immediate directional control thanks to its downturned blades.

Prices From: £233.99 (RRP £259.99 - Saving £26.00)

Werner Player

Werner Player Paddle

Playboating paddle with mid-sized downturned blades that offer a combination of power and responsiveness.

Prices From: £233.99 (RRP £259.99 - Saving £26.00)

Werner Sherpa

Werner Sherpa Paddle

Lightweight, stiff and durable river running white water paddle with mid-sized blades to suit a wide range of paddlers.

Prices From: £233.99 (RRP £259.99 - Saving £26.00)