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White Water & Surf Buoyancy Aids & PFDs

Wearing a buoyancy aid (sometimes called a personal floatation device) is always recommended when canoeing or kayaking, whatever the environment or weather. As well as helping to keep you afloat in case of submersion, they also provide additional warmth. Please note that lifejackets, which provide buoyancy for the head as well as torso, are not the same thing as buoyancy aids.

The Buoyancy Aids listed below are great for White Water and Surf use. These are designed for use in the rough stuff! They hug tightly to the body using multiple adjustment straps to ensure they stay put at all times, even when things may be upside down! Top end models include a safety harness to allow you to be pulled out of a tricky situation quickly and safely if needed. Small pockets often feature to store the essential safety items such as a knife or pulley system.

Palm Nevis 

Palm Nevis PFD

With Palm's latest design features and a high quality build this is comfortable PFD with plenty of safety features including their unique Piggyback Harness.

Palm Extrem 

Palm Extrem PFD

Palm's top end buoyancy aid for white water kayaking, recently revamped. Plenty of pockets, plenty of adjustment straps, a safety harness and more feature on this popular PFD. Also available in woman's tailoring.

Palm Fxr WW PFD


If you want a PFD for freestyle playboating and river running, then the Palm FXR is the ideal choice for you.



The FX is the ultimate river play PFD‚ for big volume‚ big wave adventures or laps of your local playrun. The comfiest‚ coolest looking buoyancy aid you'll find.