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Kayak Fishing Buoyancy Aids & PFDs

Wearing a buoyancy aid (sometimes called a personal floatation device) is always recommended when canoeing or kayaking, whatever the environment or weather. As well as helping to keep you afloat in case of submersion, they also provide additional warmth. Please note that lifejackets, which provide buoyancy for the head as well as torso, are not the same thing as buoyancy aids.

The Buoyancy Aids listed below are great for kayak fishing. Comfortable for long days on the water and loaded with pockets and gear attachment points that are perfect for storing tackle, tools and small safety items.

Palm Kola Angler Fishing PFD

Super comfortable buoyancy aid for kayak fishing. Featuring a high-back design with large clam-shell pockets with several compartments for clever organisation of tackle and safety accessories.

Designed in conjuction with Liam from Cornwall Canoes AKA Cornish Kayak Angler!

NRS Chinook Fishing PFD

NRS Chinook Buoyancy Aid

A buoyancy aid designed for kayak anglers. High-back design with multiple adjustment straps for excellent comfort, and plenty of storage pockets for fishing gear!

NRS Raku Fishing PFD

NRS Raku Buoyancy Aid

A thin-back style buoyancy aid stacked full of features for kayak anglers, including multiple pockets and gear attachment points.

Palm Kaikoura

Palm Kaikoura Buoyancy Aid

Palm's top-end sea kayaking buoyancy aid, packed with features with a performance fit.