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Recreational Buoyancy Aids & PFDs

For all-round paddlesport and watersports use

Wearing a buoyancy aid (sometimes called a personal floatation device) is always recommended when canoeing or kayaking, whatever the environment or weather. As well as helping to keep you afloat in case of submersion, they also provide additional warmth. Please note that lifejackets, which provide buoyancy for the head as well as torso, are not the same thing as buoyancy aids.

The Buoyancy Aids listed below are great for recreational paddling on sit-on-top kayaks, open canoes, sit-in touring kayaks and fishing kayaks. They feature a simple easy-to-use and comfortable design, with adjustable straps for a good fit. These Buoyancy Aids are also a great option for rental outlets, education groups and other commercial paddlesport uses.

Palm Quest Buoyancy Aid

A simple and effective buoyancy aid with a slimline design and multiple adjustment straps. Comfortable to wear on the water all day long. Great for recreational kayaking, canoeing and other watersports. Adult and Kids sizes available.

Palm Meander PFD Buoyancy Aid

A comfortable lightweight buoyancy aid for sit on top paddling, touring, sea kayaking and canoeing. Featuring multiple adjustment straps for a secure fit, easy front-entry design and a front pocket for storage. Available in Flame Red, Cobalt Blue and Olive Green with a limited edition multi-coloured Harlequin colour!

Palm Meander Highback Buoyancy Aid

Palm Meander Highback PFD Buoyancy Aid

Featuring a highback design for excellent comfort against taller sit on top kayak seats. Multiple adjustment straps and soft Gaia foam for excellent overall fit and comfort.

Feelfree Advance Buoyancy Aid

Feelfree Advance Buoyancy Aid

A popular all-round watersports buoyancy aid that is great for kayaking and canoeing. Easy to put-on front entry zip design. Multiple adjustment straps and sizes to suit both junior and adult paddlers.

Yak Xipe PFD for kayaking

Yak Xipe Buoyancy Aid

Great for general touring and recreational use. This PFD features a slimline design with generous sized pockets suitable for VHF or PLB.

Palm Tika Womens PFD

Palm Tika Womans Buoyancy Aid

Specifically designed to fit all female body forms, with a wrap-around fit and easy to adjust glide straps. Superior comfort for all-day paddling!

NRS Oso buoyancy aid cornwall

NRS Oso Buoyancy Aid

A lightweight and comfortable PFD for recreational kayaking. Features two large front pockets and a ventilated thin-back design for use with any kayak seat.

Astral V Eight PFD

Astral V Eight Buoyancy Aid

A high backed comfortable buoyancy aid with Airescape breathable construction designed to keep you cool in Summer. A great choice for kayaks with the higher backrests often found on sit on tops and other recreational kayaks.

Crewsaver Spiral 100N Lifejacket

Crewsaver Spiral 100N Lifejacket

100N fixed foam lifejackets for children, with collared design and crotch straps to prevent the lifejacket riding up when in the water.


Are you looking for a Buoyancy Aid with more features such as storage pockets? If you are then check out our range of Touring, Kayak Fishing & Sea Kayaking PFDs for more feature packed options.