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Kids Buoyancy Aids & PFDs

Floatation Aids for Juniors and Children

Keep your child safe on the water with a buoyancy aid or lifejacket. We sell a range of personal floatation devices for kids and younger paddlers that are suitable for kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding and other watersports. These floatation aids feature leg straps / crotch straps to prevent the buoyancy aid riding up over the childs head if they end up in the water.

IMPORTANT: If your child is a non-swimmer, then choose a lifejacket - these will float the wearer on their back with their head held clear of the water. If your child is a confident swimmer then a buoyancy aid is a great option. These do require the user to swim enough to keep their head clear of the water but offer a bit more freedom of movement over a lifejacket, which are typically more bulky.

Palm Quest Kids Buoyancy Aid

A simple and effective buoyancy aid with a slimline design and multiple adjustment straps. Comfortable to wear on the water all day long. Great for recreational kayaking, canoeing and other watersports. Kids size features crotch / leg straps for added security for the wearer.


Lifejackets for Children

Lifejackets are recommended for non-swimmers and children who are not confident in the water.

Crewsaver Spiral 100N Lifejacket

Crewsaver Spiral 100N Lifejacket

100N fixed foam lifejackets for children, with collared design and crotch straps to prevent the lifejacket riding up when in the water.