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Touring & Sea Kayaking Cags & Paddling Tops

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Touring cagoules can offer more protection from the elements with features like, Latex wrist seals, foul weather hoods and twin waist seals for combining a spray deck. Touring Tops can offer a higher performance cut and more technical materials.

Recommended for Touring, Sea Kayaking, some Sit on top paddling and Kayak angling.

Palm Chinook cag

Lightweight and packable touring cag, perfect for keeping off the spray and rain when the British weather decides to change.

Palm Vantage Cag

A mid-weight cagoule, made for touring and sea kayaking use but its stylish design also looks for casual use off the water too. It is a great jacket to throw on quickly over your wetsuit or thermal top to stop wind chill.

Palm Vector Cag

A multi purpose touring cagoule made from ripstop waterproof fabric.

Peak Tourlite Hoody Jacket

Peak Tourlite Hoody

Versatile paddling jacket with roll-away hood. Great for paddling on open waters to keep the wind chill off and the splashes at bay.

Palm Bora cag

Palm Bora Jacket

The Bora is made keep you warm and dry while you to tackle rough ocean conditions and cold day touring trips.

Yak Apollo Touring Cag

Yak Apollo Cag

Comfortable high performance cag featuring a hi-viz hood, latex neck and wrist seals and a twin waist system. Great for sea kayaking and touring.

NRS High Tide Splash Jacket

NRS High Tide Splash Jacket

Technical splash jacket that blocks wind, splashes and rain for a more comfortable day on the water.

Palm Terek Jacket

Palm Terek Jacket

Multi-sport jacket made from recycled materials with the usual Palm high quality and performance, ideal for paddling in a stand-up or sitting position.