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First Aid Kits for Kayaking & Canoeing

Essential for any kayaking or canoeing trip. Our first aid kits carry everything you need for paddling trips.

Lifesystems Waterproof 1st Aid Kit

Lifesystems Waterproof First Aid Kit

This First Aid Kit contains enough equipment for injuries typically sustained from water sports, as well as general outdoor activities. Packaged within a handy waterproof dry bag. Widely used on canoeing, kayaking, rafting expeditions and outdoor pursuits.


Lifesystems Pro 1st Aid Kit

Lifesystems Pro First Aid Kit

The Light & Dry Pro is designed for multi-sport enthusiasts, where saving weight is at the top of the agenda. The contents are stored within a waterproof component bag and everything is easy to access. This is the ideal companion for all types of outdoor and water sports.