Bilge Pumps For Kayaks

If you fill your cockpit with water, you will need to empty it pretty quickly before you can climb back in it and paddle. The bilge pumps below will allow you to pump the water out of your cockpit so that you can self rescue and continue paddling.

Riot Bilge Pump

Riot Beluga Bilge Pump

The floating Riot Beluga bilge pump can bail out your boat and bail you out of a bad situation in no time. No hose is necessary as the water will spray out over the side of your kayak or canoe. The foam float ensures it won't sink if you drop it in the water. Simple but effective!

Price: £24.95

Kajak Sport Bilge Pump

Kajak Sport Bilge Pump

A quality bilge pump for your kayak featruing a foam float, corrosion resistant 316 stainless shaft and ergonomic handle with finger protection. Includes an attachment bungee for easy fitting to your kayak.

Price: £32.95