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Canoe Buoyancy Blocks & Air Bags


Buoyancy Bags (also called air bags or floatation bags) or buoyancy blocks are essential kit for safe canoeing. They are used to keep a canoe afloat should you capsize. With air bags or buoyancy blocks installed, there is less room for water to fill, making the canoe easier to turn back over and re-enter, and quicker to bilge out. They are highly recommended if canoeing on the sea or whitewater where water ingress and/or capsize is likely.

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Solid foam buoyancy blocks are super durable with no need to worry about punctures. They can also be shaped to fit your canoe if a really snug fit is required. Air bags are easy to inflate/deflate and are also easy to store when not in use. Various sizes are available to fit various size canoes.

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Blocks (Pair)

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Blocks

Simple, effective and very robust flotation aid for a Canoe. The closed cell polystyrene core is covered with a hard wearing black vinyl material. The covering can be removed and the polystyrene shaped for a more specific fit. These blocks are easy to install and feature a webbing strap that can be wrapped around a bow/stern handle and tightened down for quick installation. If a more secure fit is required then we recommend using a lashing kit. Includes bungee on top of the blocks, and a mesh end pocket for storage.


Price: £80.71 (RRP £94.95 - Saving £14.24)

Palm 3D Canoe Float Bag (Single)

Palm 3D Canoe Float Bag

Designed to fit snuggly in the bow/stern of your canoe and features multiple D-ring lash tabs so that you can secure the bag in place using a lashing kit (supplied seperately). Inflation is via a short tube with a screw valve. Deflation is super quick using the integrated dump valve. Constructed from abrasion resistant Nylon 70D witrh a PVC coating.

Small 32": £42.46 (RRP £49.95 - Saving £7.49)

Medium 48": £59.46 (RRP £69.95 - Saving £10.49)

Large 60": £67.96 (RRP £79.95 - Saving £11.99)

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