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Canoe Buoyancy Blocks & Air Bags

Buoyancy Bags (also called air bags or floatation bags) or buoyancy blocks are essential kit for safe canoeing. They are used to keep a canoe afloat should you capsize. With air bags or buoyancy blocks installed a flooded or capsized canoe will float higher as there is less room for water to fill. This makes the canoe easier to turn back over and re-enter, and quicker to bilge out. They are highly recommended if canoeing on the sea or whitewater where water ingress and/or capsize is more likely.

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Solid foam buoyancy blocks are super durable with no need to worry about punctures. They can also be shaped to fit your canoe if a really snug fit is required. Air bags are easy to inflate/deflate and are also easy to store when not in use. Various sizes are available to fit a wide range of canoes.

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Blocks | Pair

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Blocks

Simple, effective and very robust flotation aid for a Canoe. The closed cell polystyrene core is covered with a hard wearing black vinyl material. The covering can be removed and the polystyrene shaped for a more specific fit. These blocks are easy to install and feature a webbing strap that can be wrapped around a bow/stern handle and tightened down for quick installation. If a more secure fit is required then we recommend using a lashing kit. Includes bungee on top of the blocks, and a mesh end pocket for storage.

Price: £109.95 (RRP £124.95 - Saving £15.00)

Palm 3D Canoe Float Bag | Single

Palm 3D Canoe Float Bag

Designed to fit snuggly in the bow/stern of your canoe and features multiple D-ring lash tabs so that you can secure the bag in place using a lashing kit (supplied seperately). Inflation is via a short tube with a screw valve. Deflation is super quick using the integrated dump valve. Constructed from abrasion resistant Nylon 70D witrh a PVC coating.

Small 32: £59.00

Medium 48: £71.10 (RRP £79.00 - Saving £7.90)

Large 60: £80.10 (RRP £89.00 - Saving £8.90)