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Nylon Spray Deck

A simple nylon spraydeck for touring kayaks.


Nylon Spray Deck for recreational kayaks

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Nylon Spray Deck


A simple spraydeck to put on a kayak cockpit, offering great value for money. The main part of the spraydeck is made from a tough 400 denier Nylon to provide good durability, and the rim has a grippy rubberised coating to help provide a good fit to the cockpit of a kayak. It is water and wind resistant, and designed to keep spray and splashes from entering the cockpit, and soaking the paddlers legs.

A large grab handle makes putting on and removing the spraydeck easy. The bungee draw-cord waist can be easily adjusted to fit most waists (26”-52”). Four deck sizes available to fit a most closed cockpit kayaks (see Sizing Guide).

A good option for beginners, or paddlers wanting a simple deck- whether touring, sea kayaking or taking their first steps onto moving water.


  • Durable Nylon Material Construction
  • Bungee Shockcord Adjustable Waist (26-52 inches)
  • Adjustable Shockcord Outer Edge
  • Grippy Gecko-Print Edging
  • Large Grab Handle

Sizing Guide

Below is our recommended size guide for the Nylon Spraydeck, to fit all the current models of kayaks from the World’s leading manufacturers.

L (Keyhole):

  • Riot Brittany

XL (Bigdeck):

  • All Liquid Logic Kayaks (including XP)
  • All Dagger Whitewater, Touring and Crossover Kayaks (excluding Axis, Dynamo and Axiom 6.9)
  • All Perception Touring and Sea Kayaks
  • All Wavesport Touring and Crossover Kayaks
  • Riot Edge 11 and 15

2XL (Superbig):

  • Dagger Axis 10.5
  • Riot Enduro 12 and 13
  • All Prijon Touring and Sea Kayaks

3XL (Superduperbig):

  • Riot Quest 9.5

Give us a call on 01726 862798 if you have any questions about the Nylon Spray Deck.