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Lights & Visibility Flags

Flags and Lights for Kayaks and Canoes

These accessories make you and your kayak more visible on the water in low light or dark conditions. A flag/light combo pole is recommended for paddling at dawn/dusk, at night or when paddling in high traffic areas to ensure you are more visible to other water users.

Guardian Expedition Light

Guardian Expedition Light

This small but tough light is waterproof to 100m and comes with a battery and clip. This light can be used as a steady light or strobe, visible up to one mile. Available in White, Green or Red colour options.

Price: £14.95

Railblaza Safety Flag

Railblaza Safety Flag

Increase your visual presence on the water with the Railblaza Safety Flag. The hi-viz flag is mounted on a 1.2m whip pole and can easily be fitted to any kayak. Requires a StarPort mounting base.

Price: £21.56 (RRP £26.95 - Saving £5.39)

Kajak Sport Telescopic Safety Flag

Kajak Sport Telescopic Safety Flag

A high visibility flag for kayaks. Telescopic design extends from 65cm up to 118cm. Reflective details on flag for increased low-light visbility. Easy snap on and off deck adapter with one screw fixing system.

Price: £29.95

Railblaza Illuminate i360 Navigation Light

Railblaza Illuminate i360 All-Round White Navigation Light

An all-round white navigation light that meets the required standards for an all-round white navigation light for power and sailboats under 12 metres, and kayaks & canoes. Powered by 3 x AA batteries.

Price: £56.66 (RRP £62.95 - Saving £6.29)

Railblaza Visibility Kit 2

Railblaza Visibility Kit

A complete pole-mounted visibility kit, including an Illuminate i360 light for low light conditions, and a hi-viz flag for daylight use. Includes a Starport HD mounting base and all the hardware needed for installation. Make sure you are seen by other water users when you are on the water!

Price: £84.76 (RRP £105.95 - Saving £21.19)