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Sit On Top Kayaking Accessories

Popular Kayak Accessories

Various popular accessories that are compatible with Sit On Top kayaks.

Feelfree Thigh Straps

Feelfree Thigh Straps

Designed to provide greater control when paddling your sit on top kayak. They are very effective when used in the surf as you are able to manvoevure the kayak much easier. Compatible with most sit on top kayaks and can easily be adjusted using the webbing strap buckles.

Price: £33.96 (RRP £39.95 - Saving £5.99)

Feelfree Skeg

Feelfree Skeg

The Feel Free skeg will improve tracking to help keep the kayak paddling forward in a straight line. Compatible with the Feelfree Nomad, Roamer and Gemini Models. Installation is quick and easy with the Skeg simply bolting onto the moulded handle at the back of compatible Feelfree kayaks.

Price: £21.21 (RRP £24.95 - Saving £3.74)

Fladen Fishing Handline

Fladen Fishing Handline

A simple handline with 75m of line, 6 flasher hooks and a 300gr weight. Simple to use and great for catching Mackerel and Pollack! Great fun with a chance to catch some fish for tea. We recommend that this handline is only used for saltwater fishing and not used in lakes or rivers.

Price: £11.86 (RRP £13.95 - Saving £2.09)

Hobie Kayak Stabiliser Kit

Hobie Sidekick AMA Kayak Stabilizer Kit

Great added stability for use when sailing, fishing, standing when sight fishing, diving or shooting photos! The SideKick AMA kit is simple, light weight and effective! The outrigger floats are inflatable. Can be retro-fitted to most sit-on-top kayaks. More info available here.

Price: £192.56 (RRP £213.95 - Saving £21.39)