Marine Goop

Marine Contact Adhesive for Transducer Installation

Ideal for glueing a fish finder transducer to the hull of a kayak. Also useful as a sealent when installing other accessories. Supplied as a 10.2 fl.oz tube.

Now Discontinued - Check out E-6000 Adhesive/Sealant as the replacement for Marine Goop!

Marine Goop

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Marine Goop


Marine Goop has now been discontinued in the EU. We have spoken with the manufacturer and have been told that E-6000 is the best alternative and uses the same forumla as Marine Goop with the exception of UV inhibitors. When used as an adhesive for transducer install and for sealing fixtures and accessories such as rod holders, the lack of UV inhibitors has no effect on the performance of the product - it's just as great as Marine Goop was! The lack of UV inhibitors may cause the clear formula to discolour to a pale white over time if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods.



Weatherproof, waterproof and UV resistant, Marine Goop is the ideal marine contact adhesive to glue a transducer to the hull of a kayak and is widely used wuithin the kayak fishing community. It can also be used as a sealant when installing fixings and fittings to the kayak.


When using Marine Goop to install a transducer it is essential that you do not introduce air bubbles into the glue when applying to the hull of a kayak. Air bubbles cause sonar interference and will lead to a poor reading on the fish finder display. Practice applying marine goop to some scrap paper/card before using on the kayak. If air bubbles are present once the Goop has cured, simply prize the glue and transducer from the kayak, clean the glue off the transducer and start again.


Supplied as a 10.2 fl.oz tube/cartridge. Requires an applicator/silicon gun for use (inexpensive and available from hardware stores).


  • Weatherproof
  • Waterproof
  • UV Resistant
  • Ideal for in-hull transducer installation
  • Supplied as a 10.2 fl.oz tube


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