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Kayak & Canoe Paddles For Children

Smaller paddles for smaller paddlers!

RUK Squid

RUK Squid Junior Kayak Paddle

A short 185cm kayak paddle for small paddlers! Small 28mm and lightweight design. Tough polypropylene assymetric blades.

Price: £32.50

TNP Asymmetric

TNP Assymetric Light Kids Kayak Paddle

A lightweight kayak paddle for children. The 185cm length with narrow 28mm shaft is ideal for the younger paddlers to use.

Price: £41.99

Grey Owl Owlet

Grey Owl Owlet Junior Canoe Paddle

A light-weight wooden canoe paddle for young paddlers aged aproximately 6-8 yrs. This looks, feels and performs just like an adult paddle.

Price: £36.95

RUK Minow

RUK Minow Junior Canoe Paddle

A mini canoe paddle for small paddlers! This is great for the little ones who may not yet be old enough to use a kayak paddle.

Price: £17.95