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Manic River Spray Deck

The Manic River is a top allround whitewater deck with latex coating and shock cord for a dry seal. Made in the UK.


Manic River Neoprene Spray Deck

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Manic Shock Deck

The UK-made Manic River Spraydeck is a durable neoprene white water and surf spraydeck. The Manic River is a top performing deck that offers an excellent barrier against the water using 9.5mm shock cord and latex coating at the cockpit seal. 

Glued and blind stitched seams with a 4mm neoprene deck section and body tube will see the Manic River lasting seasons of whitewater abuse. The Manic Deck is very easy to put on and remove and will suit paddlers at all levels. The Manic River is suitable for both white water and surf kayaking.


Available in various deck and waist size combinations to fit a wide range of paddler and cockpit sizes.


  • Made in the UK.
  • Inside latex coating for more grip and a better seal.
  • 9.5mm pre stretched shockcord.
  • 4mm durable, multistretch (100%CR) neoprene deck section and body tube.
  • Glued and blind stitched seams inside.
  • Super Stretch neoprene waist tube.
  • 40mm webbing release loop.
  • Deck Size: Keyhole & Big Deck.
  • Waist Size: S/M, M/L & XL.

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Manic River deck sizing

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Elastic shockcord

Elastic shockcord

A bungee cord sewn to the spraydeck, which fits tightly around your cockpit rim. Shockcord spraydecks are very dry on a wide range of cockpit sizes, since they are highly stretchy, and they are easy to put on and quick to remove in an emergency.

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